International Starbucks Drinks

These International Starbucks Drinks Were Practically Made for Your Instagram

Every time a colorful and delicious-sounding new Starbucks drink drops stateside, we get excited for all of the possibilities. Our mouths water in anticipating of trying out the fruity or coffee-filled beverages. Our inner photographers sparkle at the thought of aesthetically new pleasing Instagram photos we can snap for our feeds. And we suspend our disbelief to try out seemingly far-fetched ideas, like the Crystal Ball Frappuccino or Unicorn blend. But there are so many delightfully yummy and visually splendid international Starbucks drinks out there in the world that never manage to make their way to North America.

Below, we are rounding up some of our favorite recently-revealed, limited edition, and country-specific Starbucks drinks that have truly dazzled us!

Starbucks Birthday Cream Frappuccino – Indonesia

International Starbucks Drinks

In which month do you celebrate your birthday? If it just so happened to coincide with the limited edition release of the Starbucks Birthday Cream Frappuccino in Indonesia this May, you were in for an extra special treat!

This exciting iced blend combines a milky base with sweet vanilla and hazelnut syrups plus mocha sauce, raspberry whipped cream, and a yummy chocolate drizzle.

Starbucks Shiok-ah-ccino Pom Pink Pink Frappuccino – Singapore

We particularly love how the Starbucks brand customizes menu options for specific celebrations around the globe. Which is where the Shiok-ah-ccino Pom Pink Pink Frappuccino comes in: this blended beverage was specifically made to commemorate Singapore’s 53rd birthday, and is only available for a limited time within the country.

The mixture consists of brown sugar jelly, a double dose of whipped cream topping, a blend of coconut rose sauce milk and ice, and a drizzle of coconut rose sauce on top. It’s definitely worth celebrating!

Starbucks Cheesecake Frappuccino – United Kingdom

International Starbucks Drinks

Do you prefer your Starbucks drinks to be more desserts than meal-starters? Then you would probably be floored by Starbucks UK’s special cheescake frappuccino menu offerings, (which also popped up throughout Asia.) With Blueberry, Caramel, and Mocha options out there, you can essentially treat yourself to a slice of cake any time you please. Plus, the marble-effect swirl of the blended beverages makes for a seriously sweet Instagram snap!

Starbucks Peach Pink Fruit Frappuccino – Japan

Starbucks International Drinks

One of the most refreshing summer beverage combinations involves peach and a copious amount of ice. Which is likely why we can’t stop dreaming about the Starbucks Peach Pink Fruit Frappuccino. This colorful blend is made up of fresh guava puree and pink grapefruit juice peach pulps and sweet strawberries – all topped off with Instagram-ready, pink whipped cream.

This drink will be available in Starbucks Japan from July 20 to August 30, 2018 – but we hope these international Starbucks drinks make it to the US soon.

Starbucks Strawberry Honey Blossom Creme Frappuccino – Hong Kong & Thailand

International Starbucks Drinks

In the early spring, Starbucks locations across Asia pay tribute to the budding cherry blossoms by weaving their photo-ready pink color into their menu offerings. This Strawberry Honey Blossom Crème Frappuccino is made with a mix of strawberry and vanilla créme, honey-flavored whipped cream, freeze-dried strawberries, and a sprinkled topping of crispy pink rice puffs.

Starbucks Cherry Blossom Drinks  – South Korea

Korea’s own Cherry Blossom offerings are extensive: in the past, Starbucks South Korea has rolled out Cherry Blossom Milk Tea, a Latte, and a Cream Frappuccino option that are all baby pink and loaded with bubbly froth and sweet whipped cream.

Starbucks Mermaid Frappuccino – Mexico

International Starbucks drinks

American fans were quite disappointed when the ultimate Starbucks Mermaid Frappuccino made its debut in 2017 – exclusively in Mexico. This colorful blend consists of a green melon crème frapp topped with blue vanilla whipped cream, shiny sugar pearls, and blue and pink sugar crystals.

Starbucks Tea-ramisu Frappuccino – Thailand & Vietnam

Of all of the international Starbucks drinks out there, the one our Richard Magazine team is missing out the most on is the Tea-ramisu Frappuccino, exclusive to Asian countries including Thailand and Vietnam. This delightful-sounding blend combines creamy cheesecake milk with thick Japanese Matcha and tops it all off with whipped cream and a green tea cookie crumble. It’s like your morning tea and much-awaited dessert, all in one!

Which of these international Starbucks drinks will make their way around the world to new destinations? We can only dream of what future plans lie ahead. In the mean time, we suggest testing them out as Starbucks “secret menu” options – or head out traveling in pursuit of the perfect ‘gram.

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