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Styles for Instagram Worthy Cropped Hair

There’s just something about fall that makes you crave change. It’s the ideal time to try a new look. Change in season, change in wardrobe, but most importantly it’s time to change your hair. But, where to start? There are so many styles to choose from. When in doubt, I look to A-listers for inspiration. Their stylists are at least a season ahead when it comes to hair trends. After much review, it seems like everyone is flaunting blunt, cropped hair styles. Richard Magazine narrowed down the best styles for that Instagram worthy, cropped hair.

Style #1 The One Length Bob

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Actress Nina Dobrev recently made the leap from long hair to short, cropped hair. That kind of fearlessness makes you stop in your tracks to take notice. This style is fun because you can either part your hair in the middle for a blunt one length bob or choose to do what Nina did by off-centering the part for an edgy, textured look. Which ever style you choose is sure to draw the right kind of attention.

Style #2 Face Framing Tendrills

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This next style differs from the first because it’s for those not quite ready to chop off their locks. Cutting your hair above your collarbone can be scary. Especially, if you’ve never had cropped hair before. Face framing tendrils are the perfect way to flirt with the cropped hair trend without actually doing it. Julianne Hough’s tendrils are flawless because they’re visible while her hair is down. However, she can also highlight them more by leaving the tendrils down and pinning the rest of her hair up.

Style #3 Piece-y Bangs and Textured Layer Combo

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A one length crop is intimidating for someone who has had layered hair most of their life. I wouldn’t suggest style #1 if you live for your layers. Instead, go for this untamed piece-y bangs and textured layer combination seen on Ashley Benson. You achieve cropped hair, while still holding on to your fun, dimensional layers.

Style #4 Midi Crop

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The midi crop is for the person who is ready to go one length, but does not want to go too short. Kendall’s crop for medium length hair is ideal because it’s edgy, yet feminine. Short enough to experiment with, but still long enough to leave straight for a chic, polished look.

Style #5 Lash Skimming Bangs

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Lash skimming bangs are back on trend. The answer for someone who has always wanted bangs, but never made the commitment. Style icon, Rihanna, sports this cropped hair style effortlessly. Cropped hair paired with bangs is a match made in posh heaven.

So… what are you waiting for? The cropped hair trend won’t last forever.

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