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Instagram Reveals the Top 10 Most Tagged Travel Locations of 2017

Did you travel in 2017? If so, you likely documented your getaways with a camera roll of photos. You may have even posted your favorites to social media, even long after you returned home. Of course, this is quite the trend! To celebrate the year’s end, Instagram itself revealed a list of the Top 10 most tagged destinations in the world this year, based off of the app‘s geotagging system.

We’re counting down the most photogenic Instagram locations on the list below, and sharing the photos that prove exactly why they’re so hot. Chances are, if you have ever been to California, New York, or Paris, you’ve visited the majority of this list yourself!

10. Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada

With its bright lights, over-the-top attractions, and stunning visual displays, it’s no wonder that the Vegas Strip is one of the most-Instagrammed places in the world. This year especially, Las Vegas proved why it’s such a strong, resilient, and magical place – which is one of the reasons so many people hold the destination beloved.

9. Disney California Adventure Park (Disneyland) in Anaheim, California

You will be seeing a whole lot of Disney magic on this year’s most ‘grammed Instagram locations list, so prepare yourself for a Mickey Mouse timeline takeover. The Disney California Adventure Park’s retro-inspired rides (like Mickey’s Fun Wheel) definitely capture a shutterbug’s attention!

8. The Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn, New York

From the Brooklyn Bridge’s incredible architecture to the stunning New York City skyline it looks over, it’s no surprise that this destination’s views are in high demand. Since the bridge is accessible to pedestrians, cyclists, and tourists, it also lends itself to being a hot photography hub.

7. Musée du Louvre in Paris, France

No trip to Paris is truly complete without a stop by the Louvre. Art aficionados surely snap thousands of photos within the museum’s walls (after all, it’s home to iconic works like the Mona Lisa, and the Winged Victory of Samothrace) but tourists also can’t get enough of it’s eye-catching surrounding gardens.

6. Disney’s Magic Kingdom (Walt Disney World) in Orlando, Florida

Like we said, Disney magic reigns supreme in 2017. One of the most-‘grammed landmarks from Disney World is Cinderella’s Castle, the central hub that ties Disney’s Magic Kingdom together. It’s especially enchanting around Christmas, when tourists from around the world capture even more shots from the holiday parade festivities.

5. Tokyo Disney Resort in Tokyo, Japan

Each passing season brings a fantastic new look to Tokyo Disney Resort. It’s no surprise visitors from around the world get a little snap-happy when they hit this park. It looks good from every angle imaginable, and there are always new attractions and events going on.

4. Tour Eiffel in Paris, France

You know you’re in Paris when you spot the Eiffel Tower. Day or night, this landmark lights up the landscape, and reminds you about the magic of the city. No Instagram fashionista’s trip to France is complete without a selfie in front of this historical location.

3. Central Park in New York, New York

Right in the middle of NYC’s so-called “concrete jungle,” you will find an escape into nature. That’s Central Park! And whether visitors are relaxing there on a warm summer’s day, watching the leaves change color in fall, or frolicking through the snow in winter, there’s always a photo-ready moment to be had there.

2. Times Square in New York, New York

New Yorkers will joke that the last place you’ll ever find them is in Times Square. This busy hub attracts tourists from around the world at every second of the day. Which makes it one of the busiest, congested areas in Manhattan. But visitors definitely come for a reason: the bright lights, larger than life billboards, and unbelievable skyscrapers. It’s in the heart of the Broadway district too, so you never know what theatrical moment you’ll be able to capture in a photograph!

1. Disneyland in Anaheim, California

Disneyland isn’t the “happiest place in the world” because it doesn’t brighten up your day (and Instagram feed!) Sharing photos from this magical destination keeps your fun-filled trip to the park going long after you’ve returned home. Visitors love taking photos of hidden treasures they find throughout the grounds – so it’s no surprise this destination tops the Instagram Locations trend list.

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