Instagram Food Trends 2017

10 of the Biggest Instagram Food Trends of 2017

When you look back on the year, there are many moments that will stand out to you. The world events that took place, the vacations you went on, and maybe the new friends that you met. But will you also remember the viral food challenges and fun limited-edition snacks you tried out? You should, since that’s why everyone documented them with amazing photos! To celebrate an amazing year of creativity, we are creating our own list of the biggest Instagram food trends we spotted on our feeds this 2017.

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino

One of the most Instagrammed drinks of the year is undoubtedly the colorful and flavorful Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino. If you managed to snap up one of these limited-edition treats in 2017, you too likely flooded your friends’ feeds with photos! We don’t blame you.

Sushi Donuts

Two of our favorite foods are sushi and donuts. But we never dreamed of combining the two for a delicious treat! Until 2017, that is. We love the way these innovative snacks manage to mix together half the food pyramid.

Fish Cones

Ice cream is always a good idea. But unique flavors tucked into a Japanese fish-shaped waffle cone? Sign us up. Our mouths watered every time we came across one of these delightful creations on our Instagram feeds.

Cute Lattes

Why drink boring coffee when you can have your latte art smiling back at you with every sip? One of the biggest Instagram food trends of the year was foam swirls with next-level cuteness.

Sushi Portraits

One of the most amazing things about Instagram is that so many artists are able to spotlight their creations in front of the entire world. Which is why we saw so many insanely cool sushi artworks this year, including the trend of seaweed and rice portraits.

Watermelon Dress

Just when you thought there was no way to make watermelons more exciting as a traditional summer food, Instagram users reinvented the fruit. A viral trend of the year was cutting out a slice of watermelon in a dress shape to hold up to a person posing in front of the camera. Instant makeover!

Burger King Mac n Cheetos

If you love gooey mac n cheese and Cheetos snacks, then you likely loved Burger King’s indulgent fried treats. This year, the fast food giant brought back this popular menu item and its spicier Flamin’ Hot Cheetos counterpart. If you didn’t document trying them on the ‘gram, did it even happen?

Starbucks Zombie Frappucino

Are you even surprised that Starbucks has made this Instagram food trends list twice? The popular coffee chain released so many creative beverages this year, it’s no wonder their creations went viral. If you loved the Unicorn Frap, you likely waited in line for its ghoulish counterpart, the Halloween-themed Zombie Frappuccino. Just as colorful, just as Instagrammable. But with a spooky twist.

Disney Bat Wings Ice Cream

Another Halloween treat that made a splash on social media this year is the Disneyland bat ice cream creation from Clarabelle’s! Park visitors made sure to show off their sugary wings on social media before digging in to this creative sundae.

Glitter Churros

Love churros? Love sparkle? Then you’ll likely love obsessing over their festive combination. We love how The Loop‘s creative idea took over social media this year, showing off a new look for every holiday, season, and occasion!

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