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This Icelandic Spa Resort Would Be Tucked Away In the Glaciers

If Iceland is on your bucket list of travel destinations, we officially have one more exciting reason why you need to travel there. Architecture firm Johannes Torpe Studios is planning to craft a luxurious spa resort amongst the country’s scenic glaciers and volcanos, away from the popular capital city of Reykjavik.

Early design proposals picked the Snæfellsness peninsula as the location for this magical getaway. The designers were inspired by the story of Bárður Snæfellsás, a legend where the mythical sought solitude away from human activity inside of an Icelandic glacier. It would be the perfect place to escape to!

Iceland SpaImage Source: Ikonoform/ Johannes Torpe Studios

“In a place so spectacular as Iceland I think it is important to create spaces that offer more than a pleasant hotel room, a pool and a nice view,” architect Johannes Torpe shared about the project. “In many ways the location told us what we had to do. The landscape is unparalleled in its rough beauty and the local sagas and tales of elves and trolls adds a layer of mysticism and otherworldly poetry to it all.”

The spa seems like a beautiful mix between the country’s natural landscape and modern future-forward development.

“Our approach was to embrace the contrast between man-made construction and nature,” senior architect Kit Sand Ottsen added. “The landscape naturally plays the leading role and we invite it inside and let it grow over the buildings.”

Iceland SpaImage Source: Ikonoform/ Johannes Torpe Studios

Guests at the spa would be able to experience “wind tunnels, ice pools and fire baths.” These are treatments envisioned to replicate Iceland’s winter weather. Except way less harsh, and way more pampering.

We will definitely be keeping an eye out for this spa to officially make its way to Iceland.

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