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Huda Beauty Confirms a Fragrance Launch Is On the Way

Huda Beauty fans, just when you thought you couldn’t possibly obsess over the brand any more than you already do, creators Mona and Huda Kattan are dropping more exciting news on us. In their Huda Boss reality show, the stylish sisters announced that the beauty line’s first-ever Huda Beauty fragrance is officially in the works.

After revealing their label expansion plans in the latest show episode, Mona took to Instagram to share a clip along with her thoughts on the news.

“It’s official guys!! We’re launching our own fragrance!! Years in the making! I’ve been dying to share this with you all!” Mona wrote in her caption. “I can’t wait to share this with you all!!! We’ve put our hearts into this! Stay tuned for more details!!”

While the Huda Beauty brand has grown a dedicated following thanks to its popular liquid lipsticks, glamorous eyeshadow palettes, fabulous false lashes, and more, it seems fitting that the label is extending into scents. After all, the Kattans themselves are huge fragrance fans.

“I love perfume. I love it so much that I have dedicated an entire room in my house to perfume,” Mona also shared on the show. “I feel like this project is a special baby for us and having a brand born out of social media, it’s really important for us to capture content every step of the way.”

While the sisters haven’t dropped any of the specifics on their debut scent – like its launch date, name, or smell – many fans are already speculating that the blend will be a floral rose base. After all, the sisters spent much of the latest Huda Boss episode (appropriately titled  “Not Everyone is Coming Up Roses,”) talking about flowers and touring a rose-filled factory. We’ll take all the clues we can get!

You can catch the official Huda Beauty fragrance announcement in the girls’ Instagram post below.

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