How To Style Your Bangs In 6 Easy Steps

Simple hairstyles still need to be precise. You know this. When you claim to be tossing up your chaotic curls into a concealing bun, you’re really nit-picking your look so that each strand is tucked away just so. All those Instagram posts of what you purportedly look like first thing in the morning… Well, let’s just say we all know you didn’t really “wake up like this.” Truth is, we’re all acutely aware of the importance details play in touching up our hair and makeup for the outside world, even when the style we’re going for is super basic. Knowing that, it should come as no surprise that these same fine-tuning principles also apply when you’re fashioning your sexy 90s bangs. That’s right. Bangs are indisputably a thing in 2017 and you need to know how to pull them off like a pro. Frame your face like it deserves using these styling tips.

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We’re wild about the way Olivia wears her bangs and you should be too, especially if you have a square face. Tapered sides like these add a soft element that helps counter sharp, angular features. Heavy bangs like this need to land at precisely the right spot, so pay close attention when you trim. Feathery strands that just graze your brows will cover just enough forehead to give you a chic look without masking your eyes or overwhelming the face.

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Thanks to Zooey Deschanel, we all know what the quintessential 20-something girl next door should look like. She’s also the celebrity of choice when it comes to crafting perfect bangs for your round face. If you have soft features, gentle wavy fringe is a simple way to complement each circular contour. Just make sure you get the right cut. Thick, graphic curves will flatter your feminine bone structure. Wispy strands won’t.

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Even the charming Reese Witherspoon can’t hide the fact that heart-shaped faces can be a little top-heavy. Luckily, she knows how to fix the unevenness with killer sideswept bangs. You can easily work this fashionable balancing effect into your next hairstyle. Ask for layered, feathered bangs at the salon to draw focus toward your eyes. A simple flick or two to stylize your comb over and you’ll be ready to impress.

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Many say pin-straight fringe is best when you’re dealing with an oval-shaped face, but we prefer these heavier fanned out bangs as worn by Krysten Ritter. Rather than crowding your forehead with eye-grazing strands, have your beautician snip an inch or so above your brows. It frames your face with more clarity and gives that long forehead subtle definition.

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There’s no denying Ginnifer Goodwin is a champion of the pixie cut, but that’s not our favorite thing about her hairstyle. Along with the excellent Mia Farrow impression, she knows exactly how to use pronounced, asymmetrical fringe to make her short forehead appear stronger. To elongate your small brow without committing to a pixie cut, play with sideswept bangs that grow out of a deep side part. Either look will have a flattering effect.

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Savvy as ever, Gigi Hadid’s swingy bangs work double time to finesse her surprisingly high forehead. The thickness of the tresses masks her forehead while a slight angling of each strand subtly widens her face. Getting a stylist to taper your fringe diagonally will make a big difference. If you want to conceal even more, start your bangs behind your natural hairline. It may sound strange but trust us. The extra volume will look splendid after a few adjustments with the comb.

These detailed breakdowns of how to style your bangs may sound daunting, but they’re really not. Once you dive in the small adjustments will seem natural. No more skimping on your 90s hairstyle! Book a trip to the salon today to start your journey to flawless bangs that will wow the competition.


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