How to Create Amazing Smoky Eyes

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The smoky eyes have long been a timeless mark of female sexiness. Many ladies are weary of it because it looks too difficult to create. Some steer clear because it’s bolder than their normal look. Don’t let this sexy makeup technique intimidate you! It may be a little more involved than you’re used to, but once you do it a few times, it’ll be just as simple as your daily mascara.

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To be sexy, you must be firm and confident. A smeared, streaky smoky eye has the opposite effect. Stop any runs or smears before they start with some lip primer. Blend it over your lids and under your eyes to make sure your smoldering eye lasts well past last call.

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Blend in some creamy concealer beneath your eye with a brush or finger. You have to get rid of any dark circles, otherwise your smoky eye will look like a black eye. This step comes with a little beauty trick. Once you’ve added concealer, dab on a bit of powder. This will catch loose particles when you apply the eyeshadow. Once you’ve finished your eyeshadow, wipe the powder off for a cleaner smoky eye.

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If you’re going to bat your eyes, you have to have eyelashes shaped for such alluring actions. Use an eyelash curler to get that lovely up-curl. Make sure not to curl for too long, though. A crumpled eyebrow is a good look for no one.

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Compliment the dark shade from your lashes with a grey, navy, or black tone to your eye lid and the area above it. This creates the coveted smoke effect. Then, once you have the color, smudge. Don’t smudge too much or too hard, just enough to spread the color through the area. That’s the charm of the mysterious smoky eye.

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Once you’ve got the smoky blend you need, make it stand out with traditional outlines and highlights. Be careful your outline doesn’t stand out too much or you’ll have gone ancient Egyptian, rather than modern and sexy. Rather, let the line mark the beginning of your smoky eye and blend it inwards with the rest of your dark neutrals. Use the highlight to make this area pop.

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Those carefully curled lashes need some dark black magic to make them flash. Use a bold mascara to add that extra seductive flair to your look. A lush color will give your brow fibers the illusion of volume and length.

You’re looking irresistible now. Ready for a night out, a first date, or a sexy anniversary. Smoky eyes have romantic vibes galore. Might as well put them to good use.



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