how to blow dry your hair

Avoid A Hairy Situation And Blow Dry Your Hair Like A Real Man

Real men know how to blow dry their hair. It’s a fact. Your post-shower routine shouldn’t leave you topped with more volume than you can handle or dampened by too much moisture. A properly wielded hairdryer leaves the top of your head bristling with sophistication, ready for whatever magic you plan to try on it with gel and a comb. Don’t discount the power of a well-sculpted hairstyle as summer transforms into windswept fall. If your blow dry game is off, people will notice the chaotic curls framing that well-kept face. Steer clear of style mishaps and unfortunate billowing with these tips on how to maximize your handy dandy hairdryer. After all, if you own one, you might as well be able to use it properly.

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Don’t look so surprised. Of course there’s a right way to wield your hairdryer. It’s that way with every beauty gadget. For hair, the ruling principle is how big you want those tresses to dry. If you’re smoothing hair down, direct the airflow down so it seals each shingle and leaves your hair glossy. For big hair with a nice texture, keep the airflow going up the strand. When you’re done, touch up quick with a brush and you’ll be ready to hit the streets.

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Unless you have beautifully thick locks that hold shape like clay, whatever handsome style you work your hair into post-shower isn’t going to last. If you want something permanent, have smoothing balms or oils at the ready to lock your look in place. No one likes wispy hair that’s so dry it’s out of control.

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Leaving your sopping wet hair untouched before you swoop in with a hairdryer is not OK. That’s simply too much moisture for the tool to deal with. This common mistake can even lead to hair damage if you dry off too vigorously and singe hair trying to make up for the excess dampness. Take a few minutes when you first step out of the shower to let your locks air dry or give them a rub with the towel. It may take extra time, but you’ll avoid a headful of split ends.

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Trying to blow dry when you have drops of water dripping from your head is unhealthy, but so is letting things dry off too thoroughly. Not only do you risk singed edges drying hair that’s already dry, arid strands can’t hold a shape. If you want shiny, cooperative tresses to tweak with your comb, leave the slightest bit of moisture to increase elasticity. What’s the point of blowdrying if nothing sticks?

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Buy a good hairdryer. Please. You owe your hair and the style police this one. A weak tool can cause extra frizzy hair or destroy your strands by tricking you into wielding the gadget too close. Pick a hairdryer with 1850 watts or above, something capable of the healthy high heat it takes to seal your cuticles and retain a shiny finish. We should also take a moment here to clarify something. Hairdryers and blowdryers are basically the same thing. Don’t let terminology get in the way as you’re shopping.

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We’re talking about hairbrushes, not combs. There is a major difference between these two terms. Combs, for the most part, are simple and equal when it comes to men’s hairstyles. Brushes have more depth of character. For example, a boar bristle brush is excellent for straightening while round metal brushes work best when adding volume and curl. Keep track of how your hairbrush impacts those precious locks. The detail matter more than you’d think.

Using a hairdryer requires a set of skills few men take the time to learn. That needs to change. Join Richard Magazine in spreading these haircare commandments far and wide this fall. It’s 2017, the age of the metrosexual, and your hair deserves an expertly-wielded hairdryer.


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