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High-Tech Beauty Tools to Check Out This Spring

If you’re a Richard Magazine regular, you know the drill. Time for another countdown of high-tech beauty tools that will transform your beauty routine and leave you wanting more. The gadgets debuting this April won’t give you a virtual space to test out your new hair and makeup choices. We’re still some months away from that ultimate virtual technology fashion beauty privilege. These new products are here to help you pass the time. They’re actually pretty cool. After all, you don’t see a sonic washcloth or supersonic hairdryer every day. So give your face some tech-savvy tender loving care before the hot sun pops out. Here are the top high-tech beauty tools making headlines this spring.

high-tech beauty tools
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This efficient new appliance may carry a hefty price tag, but it’s guaranteed to dry your hair with expert skill. The compact devices use technology from the aviation industry to create a steady stream of air that will dry your hair in a flash. Limited exposure and a gentler jet of warm air mean you’re far less likely to singe or damage a strand. It’s also far quieter than a classic hairdryer. If you turn on a supersonic to dry down after a 2am shower, you won’t wake up the rest of the house. Though supersonic dryers do have a hollow through which the jet stream flows, don’t stick your hair through. Use it like you would a normal hair dryer for the best results.

high-tech beauty tools
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Thinning hair is a problem beauticians have grappled with for decades. In 2017, you can finally leave behind the numerous quick-fix creams you see advertised on television and go with a laser hairband. For several years, companies have been testing laser hair regrowth to see how beneficial it would be as an alternate solution to liquid and cream concoctions. It seems their tests were conclusive enough to go ahead and release this innovative gadget. If you choose this option, go with one of Hair Max’s laser-powered devices. The company has conducted seven clinical trials with this tool and seen an average increase of 129 new hair per square inch. Detailed data like this should put your mind at ease if  the idea of using a laser near your head is causing any stress.

high-tech beauty tools
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We’re moving into an age when facial cleansing is about so much more than a simple cloth you scrub your face with. Face-washing tools are one of beauty’s hottest new skincare trends. Think of this sonic washcloth like an electronic toothbrush. It cleans more thoroughly because it’s in motion. The soft, plastic coating on most models is a welcome change from the harsh scratch of textured fabric. A good sonic cloth sends 10,000 micro-pulses per minutes into your skin to remove dirt, makeup, and other debris. You’re conserving energy and giving your face a gentler, more thorough exfoliation. For at low as $40, this is one high-tech beauty tool that’s indisputably worth its weight in gold. Incorporate one into your daily beauty regimen and you’ll feel the difference in just one week.

high-tech beauty tools
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Hair removal is never pleasant. Shaving irritates the skin, waxing is painful, and plucking can leave you with serious sores if done incorrectly. Of all the high-tech beauty tools to debut this spring, portable hair removal devices are among the most exciting. Finally, the most comfortable way to remove unwanted hair has been captured in a tool you can take home and use at will. This tool isn’t for everyone. Current models usually work best on dark hair and some companies advise against using this product if you have dark skin or recently got a tan. At the rate technology is advancing, it won’t be long before the tool has been developed further to work better for a wider range of skin and hair tones. If the Flash & Go Express doesn’t fit you yet, it will in the next year or so.

high-tech beauty tools
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If you’ve ever longed for a styler you could use on the go, the beauty tech developers have heard your call. In 2017, cords will no longer keep you from curling or straightening. Wireless stylers are popping up everywhere. These early models heat up to 4,000 degrees and carry enough charge to last 15 to 30 minutes on their own. Charge one overnight and keep it in your purse for mini touch-ups before meetings or earlier weeknight dates. Don’t throw out your corded styler just yet. It’s a better option if you have time for a thorough makeover at home.

This spring, high-tech beauty tools are poised to help you have a good hair day no matter what the weather and provide a soothing cleanse for your tired face. Beauty tech isn’t a cheap industry, but if there’s a particular area you’d really like to improve, brave those extra bucks. It’s worth it for a technical update that will keep you healthy and looking your best.


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