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The High-Tech Beauty Store Is Getting a Makeover

There’s a new trend sweeping the beauty industry and it isn’t an on-demand app. Facing up to the speeding growth of virtual design tools and digital technology, retailers are finally beginning to incorporate futuristic developments at their physical locations. These improvements can’t match sitting on your home couch trying out new looks on a photo-realistic model, but they sure make in-person visits a lot more fun. For the first time, beauty parlors are taking active inspiration from consumers are they shop. From a virtual artist system to digital tools that measure the moisture in your skin, high-tech beauty store additions are making beauty retail relevant again.

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Beauty education is nothing new. Consultants have been teaching techniques and DIY secrets since the early 1960s. What makes the modern beauty workshop different is technology. You used to need live staff to run a beauty educational program. Now, lessons can be taught via group Skypes or completely computer-programmed tutoring systems. Beauticians also have the option to teach webinar courses students can access from their home. Tech solutions like these save money and allow retailers to run multiple classes at the same time. Virtual technology is also being used in the classroom. Instead of caking your face with product as you practice the latest beauty looks, you can play around with photo-realistic items in a virtual, mess-free space. Whether you’re learning from home or at a store, high-tech beauty store additions can give you the tools to improve your beauty look 100%.

high-tech beauty store
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Carrying on the educational atmosphere, some shops are using central workstations to advertise their new training technologies. These sleek tables serve as an anchor for the store, showcasing group beauty classes and the work of makeup artists both amateur and professional. It’s a fun nod to the increasingly customization-crazy beauty world. If there’s no group class in session, these workstations often transform into a technological whirlwind. Most come equipped with an iPad you can play with and some even have USB ports so you can download your virtual creations and take them with you. If you’ve been crafting a look at home, simply upload it into the store system or find it on your own device with WiFi. Trained associates can then guide you through the store to pick out just the products you need to paint your look.

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Group lessons and public displays of makeup prowess not your thing? High-tech beauty store additions aren’t all noisy and out in the open. Some of these inventive gadgets are personal, designed specifically to guide you on your personal health and beauty journey. There are usually tucked-away artist sections in the store where you can play with different colors and styles without people peeking over your shoulder. Other tech-savvy improvements include online galleries where you can browse every item in the store from one spot and digital tools that accurately measure the amount of moisture in your skin.

Some might argue such high-tech beauty store additions are taking away from the adventurous spirit of live browsing, but think of it this way. Technology really gives you the best of both worlds. If you want to browse, wander through the shelves! No one is stopping you. However, when you’re in a hurry and know exactly what you want, go ahead and use a gadget to pinpoint the perfect product. Rather than browsing out of necessity, you get to control how efficient your shopping experience is.

High-tech beauty store additions help you play and shop smart. Save time when you need to and shop from home if you like. Thanks to technology, trips to the store and e-commerce from your home are practically the same. That’s practicality right there. Welcome to the culture of convenience.


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