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Herbal Tea Should Be A Part Of Your Summer

People talk about herbal tea as if it’s a winter thing. They’re not entirely wrong. Curling up with a steamy cup while a blizzard roars outside is a wonderfully pleasant feeling. However, that doesn’t make tea only a wintertime drink. This calming classic is also the perfect cure for spring colds and summer sickness. It even makes the perfect nightcap on mild evenings out on the porch in the heart of June and July. Basically, a good herbal tea can add some delicious notes to any season if you know which flavor to try. Though the sun is coming out and the days are getting hot, don’t let them dissuade you from a hot pot of all-natural herbs every now and then. If you’re struggling to pick a good scent to tickle your nose this summer, one of these classic favorites will do the trick.

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It’s the classic of all classics when it comes to herbal tea. Chamomile is what everybody drinks in the storybooks and it echoes that popularity in real life. If you’re into making teas au natural, find some wheat blossoms and dry out the flowers for a truly stunning aroma. This herbal tea is famous for being a good sedative. After a long, stressful day, sitting down with some good company and a pot of chamomile is a sure-fire recipe for a relaxing night’s sleep. Want to dig even deeper into the benefits of soothing tea? Soak in a chamomile bath.

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Perhaps the best herbal tea for a summer night, lemon balm soothes and surprises. It’s a touch sour due to the lemon, but nothing you can’t handle. Like chamomile, this tea has a surprisingly strong soothing effect. Take it outside with you if your dinner date is going well. The balm will soothe your nervous system while the slight hint of lemon stimulates your heart. What more could you want on a romantic evening? It’s even good cold if the summer weather is too overbearing for a hot drink at sunset.

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Most people relegate catnip to cats. It’s that leafy plant that drives kittens crazy with its intoxicating smell. Funny enough, it also makes an excellent nightcap for those who enjoy warm tea in the evenings. With a woodsy taste and affecting smell, it’s often taken as a tonic by those raised on grandma’s old remedies. Keep this drink away from your cat, but if you need a mildly stimulating sip of something before bed, it’s just right.

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An old English remedy for nervousness, anxiety, and insomnia, this light herbal tea has a sweet floral flavor. It has dozens of healing qualities. Along with treating nerves and sleep issues, this drink will help you with headaches and bouts of indigestion. It also soothes high blood pressure and heart palpitations. If you want to improve your health during a night on the veranda, go English and sip some Linden.

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If you suffer from PMS or menstrual pain, boil a pot of motherwort tea. This herbal ingredient is a will also calm your nerves and gives those aches and pains a rest. It may be bitter, so keep some sugar and honey available to taste. Just steer clear if you’re pregnant or nursing. It’s good for you, but not for the baby.

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Use this herbal tea in small doses. A reasonable cup after a long day can help relax your whole body into a deep, refreshing sleep. The catch is that too much will turn you into a lethargic couch potato. If you’re looking for a morning pick-me-up, pick something else to drink. Herbs are great, but some must be dealt with carefully.

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This is another herbal drink you shouldn’t use in excess. Blue vervain has a tranquilizing effect that can calm your nerves, but in large doses, it tends to cause more head pains and sweet dreams. Consider letting a few sips kick off your weekend to help buoy a refreshing good night of sleep.

Even if you’re not a true tea drinker, you should give herbal tea a chance. It’s soothing, warm, and the perfect drink of a gentle evening. Sometimes, it’s nice to leave the partying to others so you can have some time to just relax.



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