Haute Couture Fashion Week Accessories

Weird Accessories From Haute Couture Fashion Week

It should come as no surprise that Haute Couture Fashion Week is the best place for scouting out glamorous accessories. These runways have a special reputation for bling and pizzazz. Perhaps that’s just as well. When people attend shows like New York Fashion Week, the consensus is that most of the clothes on display have the potential to be worn for everyday occasions if your pocketbook is thick enough to afford them. Haute Couture is more dedicated to decadent events and often chooses artistry over seasonal trends. This distance from what many would call popular fashion doesn’t make the accessories any less desirable, it simply removes the expectation that anything you see will be practical. In other words, this is a license to dream big and indulge in some of the gaudiest pieces you’ve ever seen. Leave your wallet tucked away and come ogle the best designs with us.

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Little handbags look great at parties. Designed like antique money purses from the 1930s, it’s rare to find refinement and cuteness blended with this much perfection.

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Another vintage-inspired piece of jewelry, this earring from Valentino features a rough bronze finish and dark scarlet tips that look a bit like upside-down candles. It would be great for a formal function with Medieval undertones.

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Metal handbags aren’t very popular, but they sure look beautiful. This design from Valentino looks like it could have been toted around by Cleopatra herself.

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There is no shortage of glitz and sparkle here. From a velvety money purse to wristlets of link brooches, this Elie Saab outfit shows there are couture situations where excessive glitter works.

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Under John Galliano, Maison Margiela has become one of fashion’s most innovative and unconventional fashion houses. We’re not entirely sure what this wire structure is, but it certainly caused a stir.

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No here’s something you don’t see every day. A tiara that’s equally appealing to fashionistas and Star Trek fans. Though bejeweled like a crown, the sharp outlines of this Gyunel headpiece give a distinctly Space Age character.

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Sprinkled with sequins and made from black, veil-like material, this is repurposed Michael Jackson like we’ve never seen it before. The King of Pop would be proud.

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Sparkly gloves weren’t the only thing Armani Privé had up their sleeve. This piece of wrist candy is structured like a cage to keep decorative stones clasped against your arm.

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Animal themes are all over the place this year, but none are quite as tastefully icy as this metallic feather. Those talons give the piece a sense of danger, ideal if you want to look sharp during the cold winter months.

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This look is almost comical until you realize it might catch on for good. One of the more manageable accessories from Haute Couture Fashion Week, we still much prefer monogrammed necklaces to oversized letter earrings.

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Footwear isn’t an accessory, but this pair is covered in silvery pieces that look like bits of bracelets and earrings. Maybe being a scavenger isn’t such a bad thing after all.

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Wearing one earring always seemed a little strange, but when that single piece of jewelry has the potential to drag your head down with it, that’s just madness. Don’t make your earlobe work this hard. It isn’t worth the pain.

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Floral prints aren’t impractical, but when the trend took a turn for succulent nail art and Baby’s Breath scattered around your arm, they became less appealing. Beautiful as this wristlet is to look at, imagine how itchy it would feel on a day-to-day basis.

Though we all crave a little glam in our lives, there’s a limit to how much normal life can handle. Thanks to Haute Couture Fashion Week, you can have all the glitz without any expensive impracticality. Covet away, jewelry lovers. This moment is for you.


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