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Harry Styles Is Working On the New Gucci Tailoring Campaign

It is perhaps the fashion industry’s worst-kept secret that Harry Styles loves himself a good Gucci suit. The artist has worn some of the label‘s hottest printed suits performing onstage, walking the red carpet, in music videos, and as part of photo shoots. We imagine that the singer may even lounge around his home’s living room wearing his favorite floral trousers – though we have not been able to independently verify that claim. But now, some kind of Harry Styles Gucci campaign is on its way.

By way of first announcement, Gucci shared a photo of Harry’s hand (with those clearly-recognizable rings and tattoo) petting a precious dog on set of a shoot.

When Harry teams up with animals (and/or small children), it is a near lethal combination. (His “Kiwi” music video, anyone?) This announcement ‘gram let us know that Harry will be a part of a popular menswear campaign called “Gucci Tailoring,” which will likely have a lot to do with those perfectly-fitted suits he adores so much. A few seasons ago, actor Tom Hiddleston posed with Afghan hounds for his Tailoring campaign, and we just need this to be outdone.

Keeping the teasing going, Gucci then shared a Polaroid photo taken of Harry on set of this campaign shoot.

Though all we’re seeing is a blue plaid robe, we aren’t complaining. We will be patient as we wait for fully suited-up photos.

To add a final sneak peek image to this tantalizing trio, Gucci then showed a close-up photo of Harry’s face on set.

That thing we just said about patience? Nope. Not that we ever thought we’d say this, but maybe this image is a little too close up. As in, we don’t get to see a whole lot of the rockstar here. But we just know something exciting is coming from this Harry Styles Gucci collaboration.

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