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Try And Endure Harry Styles For His Fashion Sense

With a name like Harry Styles, it is any surprise that the lead singer of One Direction knows where it’s at when it comes to contemporary fashion? Love him or hate him, there’s something about his blend of formalwear and casual dress that really nails popular fashion at the dawn of the 21st century. Sure, he’s young and one of those millennial stars, but into today’s increasingly youthful fashion industry it’s the tweens and teens who are the biggest movers and shakers when it comes to weekly fads. They’re the beauty gurus advising you on at-home makeup technique and bloggers critiquing everything from Kylie Cosmetics to the latest runway from Dior. Since these voices are virtually impossible to tune our when it comes to relevant trends, take a moment and examine the style of Harry Styles. These are the trends you’d be wise to incorporate into your wardrobe.

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Perhaps it’s the rise of metrosexuality or just a renewed love of flowers, but floral suits are in and you’re missing out if you don’t own one. There are plenty varieties out there, but if you want something simple with a subtle zing few options are better than this black and white look from Styles.

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Riding on the heels of 2017’s floral trend are mural tops. These come in all shapes and sizes, from Fantasia-inspired gowns to 80s streetwear, but our favorite designs are metallic-covered black bombers like this elaborate jacket Styles wore on tour. Keep the rest of your outfit black so your shiny design will pop even more.

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Military regalia goes in and out of style, but your prep school blazer will be a guaranteed win. It has a slimming effect and exudes a youthful energy that will keep your spirit spunky and fresh. You’ll be surprised how transformative one simple jacket can be.

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 Graphic tees are out. If you have a favorite band or company you want to wear around, find a top with solid sleeves and a bordered neckline. This 80s throwback has become the casual shirt of choice in the mid-2010s. Throw it on over your jeans and you’ll be ready for a great night out.

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You’ll never be out of style sporting florals this season, but there are other options if you’re tired of wearing flowers all the time. Why not try an eye-catching pattern inspired by the animal kingdom? Once again, Harry Styles demonstrates what contrast can do for an outfit. If you want your leopard spots to pop, surround them with simple neutrals.

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Maybe it’s more a British thing than universal trend, but Harry pulls off military style so well we’re thinking you should try it too. If you want to be super trendy, find a pattern that hints at being floral. A jacket like this is sure to make you the talk of the party whether it’s a formal affair or casual dinner.

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You really need to be under 21 to wear this look convincingly. Skinny jeans and a loose-fitting beanie certainly aren’t for everyone. It’s a particularly fitting look on Styles because the singer helped popularize the hat and hair combination a few years ago. If you want to draw a general fashion lesson from this picture, remember that long hair looks cute under a beanie.

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When you’re dressing for a casual night out, it’s common sense that jeans and a sportcoat will serve you well. Just don’t settle for classic blue jeans and a tan jacket. You’ll look much more convincing in black jeans with a dark button-down and dark gray coat.

You don’t have to be a fan of One Direction to benefit from the style prowess of Harry Styles. There’s a little something for everyone in his classy but diverse wardrobe. Quit struggling to navigate between casual and formal, youthful and sophisticated, grayscale and color. All the answers lie right here in Styles fashion.


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