Handy Digital Beauty Apps Will Boost Your Summer Makeover

Handy digital beauty apps just keep getting better. As technology develops, the apps on your phone have evolved from entertaining toys to practical tools. Say goodbye to the days when beauty apps were basically virtual dolls you could decorate for fun. Today, these tools are so smart they could be your magic mirror. From simulated applicators to tech-savvy haircare brushes, 2017’s latest handy digital beauty apps can help transform you into the fairest of them all with just a few taps and simple accessories. With millions of people already using augmented reality apps to tweak their makeup, there’s no time like the present to hop aboard the digital makeover bandwagon. Why spend money on a beautician when apps can help you become an expert beauty guru on your own?

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One of beauty tech’s newest inventions is a skincare app designed to analysis your skin in dermatologist terms. Appointments with a live dermatologist can add up quickly. You’ll meet for a consultation, undergo some tests, start a treatment or two, and return for regular catch-ups and evaluations. After observing how time-consuming and costly it can be to get proper dermatological care, experts decided to create a tool that could track the characteristics and changes of your skin. In the skincare industry, handy digital beauty apps are mostly about information. Using a micro-needle patch, these new programs measure hydration, redness, melanin, and other elements of your skin. Once they crunch your numbers, these apps adapt their LED skin treatment to your skin. The information they gather can also help you find additional creams and facials that will benefit your skin’s unique characteristics.

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Some tech-savvy skincare gets even more up close and personal. These handy digital beauty apps are camera-driven. To analyze your face, take a head-on selfie and upload it to your smartphone or iPad. The app will then analyze your face via an algorithm and save the information for you to check out. This analysis goes deeper than most digital dermatology tools. Camera-driven apps will record things like pimples and irritation underneath your skin’s surface. Some of them even have a remote consulting feature built in. If you want to check something with a professional, they’re just one click away.

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Have you ever gone out for a day in the sun covered in sunscreen only to burn half-way through your day?  If so, you need to download a skin sensitivity app. Technology could be your key to avoiding an embarrassing lobster burn. Developers have found a way to measure your average sun exposure on any given day and transform that information into UV protection recommendations and safety tips. All you have to do is wear a thin, stretchy. This patch will read your skin and the current level of sunlight and transfer its findings to your phone for synthesis. Stop stressing about when to add more sunscreen and let your gadget do the dirty work for you.

handy digital beauty apps
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Skincare isn’t the only beauty field where digital innovation is flourishing. Haircare also has some new tricks up its sleeve. In January, the first digitally-connected beauty app and brush combo debuted at CES 2017. Designed to encourage people not to damage their hair by brushing with too much force, this tech-savvy duo features acute sensors that feed data from brush to smartphone. It will give you information about the quality of your hair, the effectiveness of your brushing patterns, and even advise you on seasonal haircare strategies. While it’s no digital substitute for a trip to the barber shop, these handy digital beauty apps will guide your daily haircare routine so your hair stays glossy, happy, and healthy.

Handy digital beauty apps will bring the future right to your phone. Let your screen be your beauty assistant this summer. It’s literally knowledge at your fingertips.


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