Hallu Beauty Unicorn Collection

Hallu Beauty Launches Unicorn-Themed Body Care Collection

What is it about the unicorn beauty trend that just keeps on persisting? Well first of all, everyone could use a little extra touch of magic in their everyday lives. But also, with colorful and whimsical product packaging, these special beauty treats are total mood-boosters. And happy fashionistas are always in style. But the newest and freshest way this viral trend has been imagined is through Hallu Beauty‘s new Unicorn Beach body care collection.

While the line’s rainbow pastel bath fizzies and unicorn horn bath bombs rivals those luxurious products of Lush Cosmetics and the candy-colored scrubs will take you back to your childhood bathtime routine, these pieces will actually only run you about $4-$5 apiece at Walmart. Can you even believe it?

Hallu Beauty Unicorn Beach

The complete unicorn line includes a shimmering body mist, exfoliating rainbow sugar scrub (with honey, coconut, and rose hip oil), mousse foam lotion (with vitamin E), scrub & butter body bar, unicorn horn bath bomb, Run Free purple bath bomb, colorful swirled unicorn bath bomb, and the unicorn shower bomb. Essentially, you will be able to pamper yourself in any way you can imagine.

Each product in this collection features the “Unicorn Beach” scent, which is playful and vibrant – but not childish. “Bright and sweet, Hallu Unicorn rocks a beach-scene vibe with juicy notes of mango, peach, jasmine, a kiss of vanilla and a dose of flirty confidence,” the brand shared on their website.

If somehow you never jumped on the unicorn craze, but still want to test out this line’s fun products, there are a few things you should know. First, you don’t have to obsess over any mythical creatures to enjoy a hot and relaxing bath. But secondly, the company also currently offers Mermaid, Gnome, and Fairy bath and body options as well, if those are your mystical creatures of choice.

To see the viral Hallu Beauty Unicorn Beach Bath Bomb in action, make sure to check out the brand’s video below.

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