10 Spooky Halloween Nail Creations To Rock All October Long

The best part of Halloween hands down is the freedom to dress up any way you want. Whether you choose to be a scary ghoul or a sexy cat – the costume options are endless. But who says wearing a costume is the only way to get into the Halloween spirit? Dressing up your nails can be just as fun. Don’t believe me? Check out our favorite Halloween nail creations below to keep you inspired all October long.

Crimson Spider Nails

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What’s great about the nail art above is that the spider decals can be bought! You don’t have to worry about drawing one too many spider legs and sacrificing your blood red mani in the process.

Creepy Fang Nails

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Revamp your mani with vampire fangs. Appreciating the one fang nail on each hand paired with plain, matte black polish. It’s scary-chic.

Scream Nails

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A manicure so good it will make you scream.

Jigsaw Nails

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“Let’s play a game…” We’ll only play Jigsaw’s game if there’s a chance of achieving the creepy, blood-splattered mani above.

Scaredy Cat Nails

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If scary’s not quite your thing, you can still wow … or should I say meow with these nails.

Gothic Skull Nails

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We’re loving the gothic theme to this skull manicure. There’s just the right balance of eerie detail and contemporary style.

Witchy Nails

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These nails are sure to put a spell on you. Especially because the Wiccan symbol is simple enough to draw on your own.

Moon Phase Nails

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Watch out for werewolves when you’re rocking a full moon on your nail beds this Halloween.

Matte Studded Skull Nails

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Any chance to rock studs and we’ll take it. The creative skull pattern is an added bonus and a no brainer.

Chucky Inspired Nails

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Would you be a doll and do my nails like this for Halloween? This mani adds just the right amount of gore without going over the top.

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