The Best Hairstylists and Colorists to Follow on Instagram in 2016

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Richard Magazine has given you fashionistas and beauty gurus to follow for your everyday pleasure, but now it’s time you knew which hairstylists and colorists to follow on Instagram. When your haircut has run its course and you’re looking for something new, you need an inspiring hair Instagram to give you some fresh ideas. There are so many options for how to wear your hair on any given day that it’s sometimes difficult to decide what’s going to be your next look. You can wear it down, tie it up, or work out any number of in-between options. Keep these Instagram accounts at hand so you’ll never be stuck with the same old boring hairstyle.

Lauren Conrad has some of the finest hair in the business. If you want to see more of it and a whole collection of behind-the-scenes photos, give her hairstylist Kristin Ess a follow.

Who better to draw hair inspiration from than the stylist for beauties like Naomi Watts and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? This is one of the most stylish hair Instagram accounts out there.

Famous hair colorists are never as open about their process as Cunningham. If you follow her Instagram, she’ll reveal exactly how she colors some of her clients’ hair. If you’re looking for an amazing hair colorist to follow on Instagram, this is your gal.

Do you have a soft spot for the pixie cut? Roszak is the woman behind the short haircuts of celebrities like Emma Stone and Lily Collins. If you want a pixie cut fix, flock to this Instagram for the latest styles.

For hair inspiration and some goofy glimpses behind-the-scenes, follow Mark Townsend. This stylist helps the likes of Portia de Rossi and Kerry Washington get ready for the red carpet. You can trust he’ll have some useful tips to help you elevate your style.

From Instagram hair weave to Kardashian big hair, Atkin styles for the celebrity ladies with expertise and class. For black dresses, dark mascara, and diva hair galore. Click that follow button!

The best blowouts of Instagram are on display on @hairbyadir’s profile, along with some lovely sunsets and boutique jewelry. This account is a heavy dose of hair inspiration that’ll help you develop your next hairstyle.

Glorious waves are on display here in before-and-after photos like you’ve never seen before. @anchcotran runs a tight, professional Instagram so you never have to scroll through any nonsense to get to the good stuff.

Do you like braids? Then you’ll love Potempa’s creations. From braids to weaves to highlights, this stylist does everything. If you seek a quick inspiration, you’ll only need to scroll through a photo or two.

If you like Anh Co Tran’s Instagram account, chances are Ramirez’s will appeal to you too. The famous hair colorist does the coloring for all of Tran’s clients. Their photos are related, but not similar enough to be redundant. Follow the entire team for a more thorough look at the hair styling process.

One of the most well-respected, famous hair colorists of Hollywood, Hazan still thinks of New York as home. Her Instagram is filled with city shots and color advice for your hair. Live vicariously through her and admire all her vivid hair looks.

Playful meme aficionado and the man behind some of Hollywood’s most beautiful hairstyles, this Instagram offers some wit along with inspiring hairstyles. If you enjoy humor mixed into your hair advice, give Harry Josh a follow.



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