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Stop It With The Glitter And Apply A Hair Mask

If you’ve been dyeing, highlighting, and unicorn-ing your hair for years to keep up with the latest seasonal looks, it’s very likely you’ve got some pretty damaged locks. To keep fashioning glossy hairstyles and enduring bleach after bleach, you’re going to need a small respite and some amped-up beauty treatment. How do you wash out years of chemical processes from your hair? The answer used to be scrub your scalp vigorously with soothing, less harmful chemicals until your hair was basically back to normal. Luckily, that catch-22 of a solution is fading fast as people turn to the latest trend in reparative hair products. 2017 is the year to stop over-shampooing your hair to fix it. Instead, you need to cover those struggling hair follicles with a soothing hair mask. Like its cousin the face mask, a simple five minutes with this treatment will make you feel truly fresh again.

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Not every hair mask is made from yogurt but they all look like they could be. Applying them is basically like dumping a cup of creamy dairy on your head and spreading it around to cover every strand. Some hair products are actually made with yogurt, which gives them some particularly healing properties. Hairgurt conditioner contains protein that will nourish dry hair and give it an unbelievable shine. Apply it twice weekly in replace of your regular conditioner for the best results. It’s a life-saver in any situation, but if you have frizzy hair hairgurt will be a particular triumph.

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If you have fine hair, finding the right hair treatment can be tricky. Moisturizer prevents frizz and flyaways but weighs down your hair with excess oils so it doesn’t blow naturally in the wind. Give these locks a boost with a lightweight mask that coats your hair in a refreshing product without plastering it to your head. A restorative mask like this can take hair that’s rough and transform it into silk. You might like the results so much you give up on trendy dyes for good.

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Don’t actually take egg yolks and stir them into a product yourself. If you have thick or bleached hair, go out and find a K-beauty hair mask with the yolk already mixed in. Basically, you’re buying mayonnaise for the top of your head. An egg yolk hair mask will give your damaged hair the nutrients it’s missing while strengthening each strand so it will stay healthy longer. Massage this product for three whole minutes and then rinse it out. The process should feel a lot like shampooing but with fewer suds.

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If you grab the curling iron at some point every day, calm down and give your hair this special treat. Jamaican style hair masks are full of aromatic ingredients like peppermint and sage. Out of all the masks out there, spice-infused products smell the best and work the hardest. This item will promote growth and prevent breakage. It even helps to control dandruff if you’re noticing build-ups on your collar at the end of the day. Versatile and strong, the process for this product is a little involved. After shampooing your hair, apply it and place a plastic cap over your treated hair so it can sit undisturbed. 10 – 15 minutes later rinse out the product and enjoy your glossy new look.

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There are a few tropically themed hair masks on the market and they each give you a different treatment. The coconut hair mask offers the most of any single ingredient used to treat hair. It’s rich in vitamin E and numerous fatty acids that can repair split-ends and shield the scalp from lice and dandruff. If your hair is particularly ailing, apply a coconut mask twice a week. You’ll be amazed what this simple nut can do for your beauty look.

You can’t call a hair mask tech-savvy beauty, but it’s certainly an effective haircare product. Give your locks a break from all the artificial treatments circulating on Twitter and Instagram. Sometimes a natural hair cleanse is all you need to look amazing.


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