Check Out Gucci’s Pre-Fall Bag Collection

Are you a Gucci girl? Then you’re going to love the new styles on display in their 2017 Pre-Fall Bag Collection. In classic style, the brand is using quality leather to craft everything from traditional purses to aughts-inspired “mini belt bags.” What’s most significant about this year’s collection is the gaudiness of it all. These new bags sit firmly in the statement piece camp. Whether the structure is just unusual enough to cause a stir or the print screams multi-colored innovation, they support the idea so prevalent in 2010s fashion that color represents the art of wearing your personality out so everyone can see. It’s a fun trend if you follow it wisely. This is your chance to grab the vibrant bag you’ve been eyeing all summer and wear it with pride. Here are our favorites from the collection and why they should belong on your shelf this fall.

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Big, bold, and just decorative enough, the Black Sylvie is Gucci’s signature pre-fall purse. Its monochrome base allows you a lot of freedom with your outfit, but if you want to try and match colors there’s a forest green and red-orange strip on the fold-over top. Think of this design like a formal tote. There’s plenty of room for your daily kit and class enough for an evening party.

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There is something uniquely sophisticated about toting the Sylvie in black, but if grayscale isn’t your cup of tea the style comes in a few brighter shades. There’s creamy white with a navy blue and ruby red strip across the top or this delightfully bold scarlet. Red is rumored to be the color of fall 2017, so if you’re brave with color choices, here’s your opportunity. They say, ‘Go big or go home,’ right?

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You have to call this strange product what it is. Maybe the Gucci-approved term is mini belt bag, but to anyone who knows late 90s and early aughts attire this is a fanny pack. That said, it does sit on your body more like a glorified belt buckle than a saggy nylon pouch. By crafting the bag out of leather and sticking their logo front and center, Gucci really has done a surprisingly fashionable take on one of style history’s biggest mistakes. The question is, will you be belt bagging it this September?

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When critics said florals were coming back, it sounded like they were talking specifically about baby doll dresses. It turns out this renaissance trend stretches far beyond a vintage rediscovery of a cute 90s look. In 2017, floral prints are literally everywhere. Whether on 70s-inspired bell-bottom jeans or contemporary floral suits, flowers have been perennially in season since January. Gucci is taking advantage of this foliage takeover and putting blossoms on their handbags. Come fall, this will be a great way to keep a taste of summer greenery with you as the leaves turn brown.

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Clearly the star of Gucci’s 2017 Pre-Fall Bag Collection, the Sylvie has a few more tricks up her sleeve. Of course, portfolio-style handbags don’t work for every occasion, but if you’re carrying a minimal amount of stuff or important documents this is a nice way to vary up your accessories. It’s also black, so it goes with basically anything.

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Fashion had its bout with bugs a few months ago, but the residual effects can still be used to great effect. This series of Gucci bags capitalizes on the creepy crawly theme featuring a bejeweled bumblebee clasp. The brand also adopted the slogan trend to make “Loved” the identifying word for their pre-fall campaign. With plenty of multi-colored designs including one with horizontal stripes, there are plenty of versions you can match with your wardrobe.

With a contemporary Gucci bag on your arm, you’ll have the whole room staring even if your outfit is all black. Take a stand and pick a purse you can flaunt this season. A little dose of purse-inspired pride never hurt anyone.


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