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Gucci Expands Into the High Jewelry Market

Gucci is a brand that you now may associate with some of the hottest trending styles and over-the-top textiles in the fashion industry. But the heritage designer label has also a 96-year history of crafting the high-end garments and accessories that have stood the test of time. Which is why Gucci Jewelry is now expanding into the luxurious high-end market. The brand will be creating extravagant treasures reminiscent of vintage heirlooms.

Gucci’s creative director since 2015, Alessandro Michele, is excited to launch at Gucci Hub, the brand’s headquarters. The designer said that he wants to bring back the nostalgia of these one-of-a-kind type pieces, created with gemstones custom-sought by fine jewelers and gemologists in Italy.

“I’ve dressed a number of women in things that were gathering dust in vintage archives — they no longer existed,” he shared. “That includes jewelry as well. It’s beautiful to bring them back to life and give them importance once again.”

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“So far the collection, with prices that mostly range from 15,000 euros to 70,000 euros ($17,900 to $83,500), has been offered only to favorite clients through private sales in Japan, China and the United States and private appointments that began in July,” the New York Times reports. “The Gucci lion-head ring, introduced in 2015 in plated metal and Swarovski crystals, is now available in 18-karat gold with a diamond-studded mane. The double-headed tiger bracelet now comes in diamond pavé; a deluxe version of the leonine earring drips with fire opals, aquamarines, rhodolites and more. The new line appears to expand the reach of Mr. Michele’s remarkably successful universe for his most ardent and wealthy collectors.”

Maurizio Pisanu, the house’s director of jewelry merchandising, told the publication that the new Gucci jewelry focus is part of the brand’s forward-thinking goals. “The new generation is going to want a more modern jeweler,” he said. “So it’s up to the brand that realizes that first, and Gucci already had the right intuition two years ago — to break the rules. [For a] brand like Gucci… jewelry isn’t our core business but we have the ability to make high-quality jewelry like the other brands — and with a different aesthetic that’s much more innovative than what a classic brand would ever dare to make.”

We’re looking forward to seeing the luxurious Gucci jewelry pieces hitting red carpets and runways worldwide!

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