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Treat Yourself To New Luxury Items From Gucci Home Décor

Come September, Gucci will join the ranks of fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana by extending their lifestyle reach to dabble in interior design. Funny enough, this decision comes as less of a shock from Gucci than it did when Dolce & Gabbana announced their new line of products last month. Perhaps that’s because of the type of home décor each brand is producing. While Dolce & Gabbana chose to collaborate with appliance company SMEG to design toasters and blenders, Gucci went a more traditional route with tasseled pillows, upholstered chairs, and other fabric-based items. They also retained their signature motifs, reinventing the presentational possibilities of those famous Gucci Garden florals. Do you fancy a tiger-themed pillow for the sofa or ladder-backed chair with Gucci blossoms on the decorative seat? Pick your favorite piece of designer décor quick before this fashion label interiors trend takes off in a sophisticated frenzy.

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There’s a strange blend of vibrant colors and eerie figures on all of Gucci’s pillows. So bright they could have been plucked from a Matisse painting, each cushion either features a feline with bared teeth or some other unsettling creature. If you’re happy to come home to a snake or giant cicada resting on your sofa, these are for you. For those who prefer predictable florals over unique animals, something else in the Gucci décor collection will probably suit you better.

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Gucci’s kitchenware graphics still have a patently unique aura about them, but there are no snakes or cicadas think about. Instead, you have the option of a peaceful-looking tiger or one of those all-seeing eyes like the one that peers at your from above the pyramid on the back of a one dollar bill. These are items you’ll definitely want to prop up when you’re not eating dinner to show off their artistic surfaces.


If the classic Gucci snake embroidered on a pillow made you squeamish, then one of these trays is no brainer. Both are great for a busy hostess, but there is something to be said for not scaring your guests with the realistic image of a coiled snake as they pick up their food from your tray. Luckily, a calmer floral option doesn’t have nearly the same terrifying effect. Use that option if you’re serving a table of ophidiophobes.


Few companies offer candles with so many ways to expose their scent. Gucci’s innovative scented wax candles feature can-shaped containers you can either open to let the smell circulate or close for a more gradual, seeping aroma. For the especially sophisticated, there are also small candle dishes which distribute a very focused amount of scent. They’re perfect for one-on-one conversations where keeping the smell in an intimate space is best. Place a few around the bathtub for the ultimate romantic soak.


Decorative pieces like the silk screen have been falling out of favor recently due to fashion’s sway toward a more casual aesthetic. Gucci, a big promoter of classic Europe, is set on bringing it back as an interior design classic. Colorful designs like this are easy to incorporate into a room. Help Gucci further the legacy of this accordion screen and find a spot for yours this fall. It’s always nice to have a subtle partition just in case you need to section off an area of private space in your living space.


Aside from the Gucci-themed seats on each colorful chair, there’s nothing very revolutionary about these ladder-back designs. They’re simply another opportunity to get some Gucci in your life in an unconventional way. While they never stray from those strange signature animals, these upholstery prints are a little less threatening than some of the cushions. There’s a nice aesthetic balance between calming expressions to full-on snarls with the feline patterns in particular. Perhaps your fierce Gucci interior could use a little of both.

You may not want SMEG x Dolce & Gabbana machines in your kitchen, but no matter how intense a fashionista you are having a few Gucci chairs in the parlor and designer pillows on the sofa is well worth the extra bucks. They’ll add spice to your home and an extra source for couture designs to impress your high-profile guests with.


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