Gucci Holiday Gift Guide Ignasi Monreal

Artist Ignasi Monreal Brings Gucci’s Holiday Gift Guide To Life

Art meets fashion in a major way for Gucci’s new holiday gift guide. The designer brand has commissioned Spanish-born illustrator and graphic designer Ignasi Monreal to create custom artworks inspired by the latest fashion offerings. After all, what better way to shop the hottest shoes, bags, dresses, and home goods of the season than through these playful and imaginative GIFs?

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It is not just the carefully-curated gift guide coming to life with this work. Gucci also tapped the artist to create custom designs to be featured on their popular printed t-shirts.

“Ignasi Monreal uses digital painting tools to render ironic portraits with pop culture elements which are then printed onto essential Gucci silhouettes,” the brand shared. You can shop the limited-edition shirts now, but be quick, as they are sure to be collector’s items!

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For this gift guide, the artist also reimagined many of the brand’s signature pieces as exclusive digital portraits. That includes their trendy fur slide mules, Gucci Bloom eau de parfum, and studded handbags.

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So, what is the inspiration behind this creative series of works, beyond the designs themselves? You may be able to spot some ancient roots with a modern twist.

“It’s Icarus,” Ignasi Monreal shared, speaking of a tale from Greek mythology. In this legendary story, Icarus famously ignores his father’s warnings not to fly too close to the sun as they escape Crete – and he suffers the consequences.

“He fascinates me because of his story, which could be read a bit like a mantra I guess,” the artist explained.

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Ignasi Monreal is also reportedly set to keep this theme going by creating the wall art for Gucci’s Milan and New York locations. We can’t wait to see those beautiful designs in life-size proportions!

You can check out Ignasi Monreal’s full interactive Gucci Gift Guide here.

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