Gucci and Beyonce Burundi

Gucci Teams Up with Beyonce for World Water Day

Gucci and Beyonce. You practically can’t even dream up a better duo than that. And now, those iconic influencers are teaming up in honor of World Water Day today to help give back in a major way.

Gucci has pledged $1 million to Beyonce’s BeyGood4Burundi initiative, which was launched last year with Unicef. The organization supports programs working to improve water, sanitation, and basic hygiene practices in Burundi, where nearly half the African country’s population does not have access to safe, clean water.

This major investment from the luxury designer brand will be put toward constructing 80 new wells across the country – an addition to the 35 already built by the cause. These wells will aid in providing clean water to more than 120,000 families.

Gucci and Beyonce Burundi

“Gucci and Chime For Change are proud to stand with Beyonce and Unicef to help change the lives of hundreds of thousands of girls and women in Burundi,” Gucci’s president and CEO, Marco Bizzarri, said in a statement to WWD. “Through our commitment to BeyGood4Burundi, we continue the mission of Chime For Change to provide education, health and justice to girls and women globally.”

Gucci co-founded Chime for Change with Beyonce and actress Salma Hayek back in 2013, and have worked on countless initiatives together, especially those geared at empowering young women and children around the globe. The organization has reportedly raised “$10 million to support 420 projects with 153 partners in 88 countries,” according to the publication.

What a great way to see major stars and hugely popular fashion brands like Gucci and Beyonce teaming up to use their platforms to make change in the world!

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