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Long-term beauty is hard to come by. It’s a quality we all strive for yet are hardly ever able to attain. In the world of makeup and skincare, it’s all about temporary solutions. Strong foundation will help you cover up a blemish for the day, but not necessarily cure it. When you dye your hair to eliminate any flecks of white, it’s with the knowledge that in a few weeks you’ll need to come back for a new coat of color. This cycle of refreshing your complexion can be tougher on your skin than enduring a product-free life, but that’s rarely the answer we want to hear. Thankfully, research in the 21st-century has begun to uncover processes and techniques that satisfy your inner beauty guru while contributing to the long-lasting maintenance of your glamorous everyday look. Grande Cosmetics is one such brand, using innovative cosmetics to help restore natural beauty.

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Grande Cosmetics operates under the belief that it’s never too late to experience your natural beauty in full. This philosophy was developed by the company’s founder and CEO Alicia Grande. Gathering interviews and research she compiled over 25 years in the industry, Grande set out to create a label focused on the long-term benefits of effective beauty products. It was a new idea to craft a brand around drawn-out restoration rather than instant gratification, but so far, these imaginative efforts have garnered them a surprisingly popular reputation.

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Alicia spoke with doctors and scientists in the anti-aging, skincare, and beauty industry for many years, but it wasn’t until she became a wife and mother that her interest in anti-aging products became personal. Suddenly, she was looking for products to restore her own aging process rather than discussing topics to illuminate other people from different walks of life. This chance in her circumstances was what led to Grande Naturals setting up shop in 2009.

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2009 also marked the year Alicia discovered her first ground-breaking formula. Following the advice of colleagues and the numerous professionals she had spoken with, she found an enhancing conditioner that preserved youthful beauty while emboldening lashes with a classic mascaraesque color.  Even more impressive, this new product was made with all-natural ingredients and infused with peptides. Turns out these anti-aging acids work their magic on eyelashes as well as skin.

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What started as an independent discovery soon turned into an industry favorite. Women of all ages flocked to Grande Cosmetics for their beneficial serums and conditioners. Towering above the rest in sales and popularity stood the GrandeBROW-Fill, a tinted brush-on gel infused with fibers and peptides designed to strengthen brow hairs. The special long-wear formula is one of the most precise products out there, so why not give it a try this summer? You’ll look gorgeous and build up your eyebrows with a single application.

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Another Grande Cosmetics favorite is the Eye Opener Duo, a two-in-one product utilizing the brand’s signature restorative serum in both a brow and lash application. It’s the ultimate way to get both the famous GrandeBROW conditioner and GrandeLASH-MD formula as part of one nifty stick. Stow the lipstick-shaped case in your purse for easy touch-up access and you’ll have this rejuvenating fix whenever the occasion calls for a little extra color. In all honesty, it’s probably the most convenient eye makeup product you could invest in this summer.

It took a lot of geniuses to solve the mystery of long-term, results-driven cosmetics, but thanks to Alicia Grande all the right information finally found its way into the same room. Now it’s your turn to reap the results. Turn up your glam with summer with products that look spectacular and work behind the scenes to make sure you keep looking spectacular well into the future.


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