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The Google Arts & Culture App Is the Latest Trend Sweeping Social Media

If you love art and you enjoy snapping selfies (which we argue is an art in and of itself!) then you are going to flip out over the latest trend sweeping across social media. The latest update to the Google Arts & Culture App allows you to upload a photo of yourself that will be matched to your artistic doppelgänger.

The AI technology does its best to match your facial features to those of portrait subjects in museum collection artwork from around the world. It then offers up a side-by-side image of your face with your so-called artistic match.

Google Arts & CultureImage via Google Arts & Culture app

So how does the app actually work? Using facial recognition technology, the app creates a “faceprint” of the data it receives – and then compares it to all other images already in its database. For reference, that database currently consists of over 70,000 works of art.

Google Arts & CulturePhoto via Busy Philipps

You may have noticed your Instagram friends comparing their stylish snaps to the works of Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, and more great creators. Sometimes the results are hilariously bad, while others are eerily spot-on!

Google Arts & CultureImage via Rowan Blanchard

The selfie feature isn’t the only function of this app. It was actually created to allow users to search a collection of famous artworks by color, artist, and museum. The initiative formerly known as the Google Art Project was created in order to make art more accessible to viewers – and it is certainly making art appreciation more digitally engaging.

This app still has several limitations, and the selfie functionality isn’t yet available in all regions. But it is fun to see so many social media users turning their love of art into a viral trend!

Have you tried the Google Arts & Culture App for yourself? Make sure to download it on iTunes or Google Play now to get in on the excitement!

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