Golf Fashion For Hole-in-One Style

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In honor of the late, great Arnold Palmer, Richard Magazine thought it was time to discuss some golf fashion. Yes, fall golf can be a tricky season to shop for. Autumn golf outfits are made with morning frost in mind. You never know if a cold morning is going to translate to a cold day or if that sweater you threw on will have you sweating by noon. How do you dress to comfortably to accommodate varying weather but still give off an air of sophistication? You may find golfing boring as f***, but you can still take some style tips for the day when your boss asks you to play a round with him. In honor of Arnold Palmer, here are five golf fashion tips to help you look the part.

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The polo shirt gets a bad rap. In the 80s, California jocks and prep school stars ran around in bright-colored stripes and up-turned collars. This “cool guy” persona bled into the 90s when the word “preppy”  was coined to describe those guys. Actually, the polo shirt is quite simply a great transitional autumn shirt. Golf fashion has it right. The style is athletic, comfy, slightly warmer, and classier than just a simple t-shirt. You can easily add a sweater or coat on top if your arms get cold too. Cold and bold? Try a long-sleeve polo for extra arm coverage.

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Picking out a pair of pants for golf isn’t a simple task. You want something semi-formal without being too stiff. One of the most significant distinctions to make when choosing pants for your autumn wardrobe is between khakis and chinos. The classic khaki is an old man’s pant with thick, straight-legged, pleated look and cuffs on the bottom hems. Need I say more? Chinos are tapered and flat-fronted with optional cuffs. Wear it for the modern look. Wear it to look aware. I don’t care how you justify chinos. All I want is to perpetuate the extinction of the pleat.

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The V-neck sweater blends the casual sexiness of V-neck t-shirts with British sophistication. The extra wide opening has a minimalist effect on whatever pattern is on your sweater and highlights the shirt you wear underneath. (Yes. Despite the casual sexiness, V-neck sweaters require an undershirt.) Make sure you pick a snug fit that compliments your body. If the fit is wrong, you’ll either have buttons highlighting your belly or get swallowed up in a clump of yarn. Take the time to wear your sweater properly.

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Looking for a variation on the V-neck? If you really want to flaunt some vintage vibes, a la Arnold Palmer, try out the trusty sweater vest. Vests give you new opportunities for how you can play with color. Use your darks and lights to play against each other. You can play with body image this way too. A dark vest on top of a light shirt will make your torso appear compact. If you’ve been cheating on the gym with your couch, a little help from your clothes should be welcomed.

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If your head is cold, the sun is strong, or the rain is gentle, add a hat to your golf fashion. I hope you have enough common sense not to barge into work in a Stetson or the “Make America Great Again” baseball cap.  A beanie may seem like the hat of choice on a cold windy day, but you can’t wear them on most golf courses. Go for the driving cap to top off you golf style. It’s deep enough to keep your head warm and subtler than other wide-brimmed options. It flatters a lot of different face types, too. Round or long face, you’ll be easily decked out for success on the course.

Give these classics a try and you’ll be known for gentlemanly chic well before the last round is over.


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