You Gotta Try These Gluten Free Cosmetics

The recent interest in gluten-free diets and health foods has inspired a rise in gluten free cosmetics. If you’re trying to live a completely gluten-free life, you want your makeup and beauty products to be gluten-free as well. For someone with a gluten-free allergy, the amount of gluten they can absorb through makeup and hair products is enough to have a serious negative effect. This growing market for gluten free beauty products has driven cosmetic brands to start producing new products that abide by these dietary restrictions. If you want a helping hand in finding the companies that cater to gluten-free customers, here’s a list of my favorites. One word of caution: Most of these continue to make products containing gluten alongside their gluten free lines, so if you don’t see a label marked ‘Gluten-Free,’ check the ingredients yourself just to make sure.



Family owned and operated, this cosmetics company specializes in organic makeup. They stress the importance of accessible price points on organic makeup and other sustainable beauty products. All their products are free of gluten, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. These are some of the most responsible beauty products you can find.



Desert Essence has a wonderful selection of gluten-free skincare, haircare, bath, and even dental products. Founded on the concept that ‘beauty is natural, and nature is beautiful’ back in 1978, the company is dedicated to social responsibility. Their website is conveniently set up so that you can tell the search engine to only show you gluten-free products. Have a special look at their selection of healthy skincare products to keep your skin healthy and moist this winter.


The word Pravana comes from an ancient Sanskrit phrase which translates to “The Source of All Things.” The trendy products this company creates while staying within its eco-conscious philosophical standing are incredible. Pravana is proof that sticking to gluten free beauty products does not mean you have to sacrifice aqua green hair or purple highlights. ChromaSilk and ChromaSilk Vivids, the brands two critically-acclaimed hair color products, are both gluten free and environmentally responsible. If you like wild hair, this is the gluten free company for you.


With products like Aloe concealer and infused hydra lip gloss, it’s clear Afterglow is doing something special. They’re focused on finding the merit in natural products and helping you incorporate that into your makeup routine. This includes avoiding bismuth oxychloride, a natural product that produces a ‘glowy’, unnatural finish and is notorious for making skin itch. If you purchase your gluten free makeup from Afterglow, you can also purchase a vegan makeup brush to apply it. Anything this company makes is certified eco-responsible.


The sleek black containers and rich earthy colors Alima produces rival the aesthetic presentation of big companies like MAC and Chanel. It looks chic and covers effectively. The brand works under a philosophy designed to redefine makeup as an empowering tool of self-expression and female empowerment. These colors are deep and sexy. If you want to try this year’s green eyeshadow trend with gluten free beauty products, shop at Alima Pure.



This trendy gluten free makeup brand can be purchased at Sephora’s across the world. Founder and owner Susan Langmuir started the company after kitchen chemistry inspired her to fill the void she saw in the cosmetic brand industry. Bite’s gluten free lipsticks are carefully crafted through lots of tests and experiments to nurture lips as well as color them. “Like caring for the delicate skin around your eyes, I believe that following a daily regimen for your lips is essential,” says Langmuir.



The organic makeup of Ecco Bella is carefully made with minimal ingredients and special care for the planet. From VitaminCells enriched Skin Care products, to makeup infused with flower wax, this company is dedicated. Ecco Bella prides themselves on making the healthiest beauty care products possible. Their lipstick is particularly fascinating. The creators at Ecco Bella have managed to extract the coating that protects flower petals and use it to coat your lips in stunningly bold colors. You’re not just getting gluten free makeup with this company; you’re getting some of nature’s finest remedies.


Lily Lolo markets itself as a luxurious 100% all-natural makeup brand. They make the gluten free makeup you see on fashion runways and in fashion magazines across the globe. Their reputation proceeds them and they are making organic makeup popular where it matters the most. All products consist of pure inert minerals that are completely free of preservatives, GMOs, and other questionable ingredients. Lily Lolo is also one of the only gluten free makeup companies to sell full kits of their eco-friendly products.

This list makes it clear that gluten free makeup isn’t hard to find. Even if the answer to the question “Is MAC makeup gluten-free?” is a resounding no, there are plenty of high-quality gluten free makeup products for you to choose from. With every brand you try, you help make the world a greener place.


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