Glossier Zit Stick

Glossier Unveils Its Latest Skincare Product, the Zit Stick

Dedicated Glossier babes know the drill: when it comes to achieving and maintaining that effortlessly glam, “woke up like this” beauty look of your dreams, proper skincare always comes first. Now, the latest innovation from the social media-famous brand – the Glossier Zit Stick Breakout Eraser acne spot treatment rollerball pen – is here to make spot treatment one less thing to worry about.

This easy-to-use, portable, and pink-packaged product is designed to stop pimples in their tracks during their most crucial stage: that icky feeling when you first start feeling one emerging under your skin’s surface.

Glossier Zit Stick

What makes this product different than all of the zillion other blemish-fighting serums you likely already have in your bathroom medicine cabinet? It’s easy to keep you for unexpected skincare emergencies, so it’s not banished exclusively to your midnight makeup-removing routine.

“Unlike visible spot treatments (usually used overnight, in secrecy, at home), Zit Stick is designed to live in your pocket, bag, and daily life,” Glossier explained on its website. “Use at the first sign of a pimple, applying up to three times daily until your zit is gone—5% Benzoyl Peroxide kills the germs that caused the zit while shrinking size and swelling, with Tea Tree Oil and Capryloyl Salicylic Acid (a less irritating derivative of Salicylic Acid).”

Glossier Zit Stick

InStyle likened the product to a Tide pen – which revolutionized fabric stain-fighting on the go – and we particularly love that brilliant comparison. So how do you use this new contraption?

The brand advisers users to “click [the pen] three times, glide over zit with the antimicrobial stainless steel tip, and wait a few moments for it to dry to a translucent, go-about-your-day finish.”

We’re all here for going about our day and showing those breakouts who’s boss!

Glossier Zit Stick

The Glossier Zit Stick Breakout Eraser acne spot treatment will officially be shoppable on the brand’s website for $14 per pen starting today, September 6.

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