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Manage Your Sparkle With Glitter Nail Designs

The verdict on glitter is that once the unicorn craze died down, these shimmery designs got much more manageable. There’s no longer some viral expectation that you shower yourself in shiny particles or sprinkle rainbow glitter all over your butt. This summer, it’s time to hone in on your nails and add a few sparkly accents. Nail designs are a great way to slip a little sparkle into your beauty look. Fingers are like a canvas for glitter-obsessed designs. You can pour on the sparkle in one solid coat or take a little time to lay out some compelling designs with pieces of sequins. Just make sure you’re meticulous. Glitter nail designs work because the area you have to work with is small, forcing you to contain your excitement and pay attention to detail.

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Multi-colored nails are a favorite look this summer. Such gaudy designs can feel juvenile, but if you take the time to craft them well they’re the perfect accent for beach outings and summer bashes. Try rainbow stars against a bubblegum pink background. It’s youthful and fun without feeling too silly.

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If you prefer subtle glittery nail art, contain your sparkly polish within other designs. French-inspired Art Deco has been floating around in the makeup world this year, so why not try to work some glitter into one of those patterns? Use silver or gold for a sophisticated shade that will feel both playful and professional at once.

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Combining different shapes of sequins and jewels is an interesting way to incorporate sparkles with your nail look. This approach is going to take some time, so set aside an hour or two before the big event to carefully glue each jewel in place. Try using tweezers or some other needlepoint cosmetic tool to push each particle into place. If you stick with it, you’ll look like a princess and avoid the conventional pitfalls of chaotic glitter beauty.

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Working with glitter nail polish gives you the opportunity to play with light and shadow. By using dozens of small particles, your solid coat will become a collage of different shades based on a central color. This is the subtlest form of rainbow-inspired beauty out there. If you crave that rainbow but don’t want to wear the traditional red through purple collection, pick a color and apply a glitter coat. Your fingers will literally dance in the sunlight.

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Glitter looks interesting coating your entire nail, but that’s not the only way to arrange it on your finger. A thin outline looping around the cuticle of your nail offers a fresh take on glitter nail design with some naturalistic elements. This is the design you can get away with in the office and the one that will endure a day-long outing. If you want glitter nails that are practical, this is the way to go.

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There’s nothing wrong with simplicity, but sometimes it’s fun to get a little creative. If you can pull it off, give your nails a wavy line of glittery brilliance to highlight the sparkly element of your design. It’s festive and refined, just right for a day at the mall or semi-formal evening engagements. The color is up to you. If your decorative line stands out against the base shade, this is a look that’s bound to turn heads.

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As refined as glitter looks are becoming, there’s always room for a little crazy. This vintage design features some of the best glitter-on-glitter design you’ll see in nail polish art. Dot multi-color sequins onto a blackish glittered background for a look that sparkles with disco ball pride. It’s perfect for summer parties where the beer is cool but the beat is hot.

Make your fingers the sparkly canvas they deserve to be this summer. Whether your design is meticulous or celebratory, it’s time to embrace some glitter nail design. Everyone loves a world full of shine and sparkles.


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