Glitter Makeup Isn’t That Bad After All

Glitter has become makeup product to avoid in 2017. It’s everywhere you look. These eye-catching sparkles aren’t just silly products anymore either. What once was a playful obsession for tween girls is now a full-fledged beauty trend being used by schoolgirls and celebrities alike. Luckily, we’ve moved beyond unicorn fashion and the Coachella obsession with sticking glitter deep at the foot of your roots. This summer’s glittery looks are more refined, using those rebellious shiny particles as accents in different makeup looks. So, don’t get discouraged by the wilder uses of glitter makeup as you walk down the street in hipster country. You can have your glitter in small doses and still impress the world with how surreal, magical, and rogue you are. Here are a few ways you can get all glittered up without going overboard.


Poetic as it sounds, this is one of the bolder uses of subtle glitter makeup. It was first designed by makeup guru Francelle Daly for an unconventional take on the larger pieces of glitter normally left out from mainstream glitter products. There’s a certain glam to the look. Each piece of material looks like a splinter of glass shattered around your eye, creating something both violent and fragile. It’s a rare makeup design that speaks volumes and is very easy to apply. Deck yourself out in these unique flakes for semi-formal parties or to give your glitter look a pick-me-up.


Too much glitter is a problem, but complementary sparkles can create a fun relationship between different items in your look. You can think of glitter like an accessory you apply to your face. Find clothing that creates a similarly sparkling effect through sequins, glitter appliqué, or other shimmering adornments. Pay attention to colors too. Fabric with a more matte-like finish can still complement the color of your glitter makeup choices and tie your face to the rest of an outfit. These looks all hinge on color relationships. You might be surprised how much tiny details like these can transform your wardrobe.


It’s not every day that you get to devour makeup that was actually created to be eaten. Thanks to the rise in glittery lipstick, some companies have been toying with large sprinkle-like accessories you can eat. Basically, you apply these little shapes to your lips and treat them like large glitter particles. When, when they start to become overbearing after some beers and flirty smiles, lick your lips and they’ll disappear. Whoever decided to combine sugary candy and glitter makeup into a cohesive look was a genius. Thank you wherever you are!

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Whether rhinestone-covered brows sound convincing to you or not, you can still imagine their allure. Everyone is always looking at that area of your face. If you brush your brows with some glistening color it’s bound to be noticed and perhaps attract even more attention to your eyes. Of course, wearing bespoke brows is an art. Depending on how large your beautiful sparkling materials are, trimming down your eyebrows so there are less droopy hairs to fend off might be wise. If you’re worried about how to apply glitter that sticks, the answer is easy. Three drops of Spirit Gum will keep things nice and firm until you want to wash away the shine with baby oil and water.

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vWhen it comes to shimmering colors in the beauty world, silver and gold are always among the top five. Gold will serve you best this summer. Spread some precious dust anywhere you like. You can brush it into your eyebrows, smear some on your lips, or even sprinkle a bit over each cheek. It’s a little gothic, but so are a bunch of 2017 summer trends. You’ll be in good company.

Glitter makeup doesn’t have to be ridiculous. With some well-thought-out attention, it can become something beautiful and sexy. Take these hints into account as you shop for makeup that will impress this season. 2017 is a year of sparkles.



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