Givenchy’s Children Line is Clearly Influenced by North West

The question of what, or who, inspired Givenchy’s children’s line is worth exploring. Yes, Givenchy is launching a luxury childrenswear line so celebrity toddlers can use up even more of their parent’s money. The logic behind designer baby clothes eludes me, but it seems to be a growing trend in kid’s fashion. Marc Jacobs has been designing a children’s line for most of this decade and even Burberry got in on some chic kid’s fashion trends in 2016. With all the hype, one could argue Givenchy is trying to get a piece of the pie before it’s old news, but I think there’s more to the story. I propose the muse for creative designer Riccardo Tisci is none other than North West, the famous child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

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PARIS, 2015

It all started in Paris. Luxury childrenswear was nothing new a year ago, but it was new to Givenchy. When Kim Kardashian West asked designer Tisci for a small Givenchy sheer black top so North West would match mama at Paris Fashion Week, the designer was more than happy to oblige. It seems Kardashian allure struck again. A year later and he still can’t give up luxury childrenswear.

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That iconic half-Bambi, half-vintage poster female figure has been a Givenchy staple for years, but never in a child’s size. After the Paris top, Tisci surprised the Kardashian clan with a mini Bambi shirt for North West. Kim Instagrammed the little shirt eagerly, thanking the high-end company. Did the Instagram spark jealousy and demand among other celebrity moms? Maybe Tisci wasn’t the only voice clamoring Givenchy to debut a children’s line.

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It’s no secret Tisci is planning to build a lifestyle brand. Before his work with North West, he had spoken about a collection of designer baby clothes for families. This announcement might simply be his chance to fulfill a life-long dream. The proposed collection includes 60 pieces for girls, 40 for boys, and 30 for babies. Perhaps this is also Tisci throwing his hat in the ring alongside Balmain, who will also release a childrenswear line in 2017.

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There is a certain simplicity to starting a luxury childrenswear line. For the first few collections, you can re-invent some of the more wearable adult designs in mini. I wouldn’t cheapen Tisci to say this ease of execution was the only motivating factor behind his plan for a children’s line, but it may have encouraged him. The best thing about the North West-Kim Kardashian Paris look was how mother matched son with style. I’ll bet there are many more mothers who would get a kick out of dressing up to the nines with their children. What an opportunity!

Whether or not North West was the inspiration behind Givenchy’s children’s line, it’s going to be a smash hit when it hits stores in July of 2017. You child can strut around in style this summer. Aren’t you excited?

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