Enjoy These Gorgeous Gemstones This Summer

Gemstones have always held a special place in the hearts of ring-wearers everywhere. In ancient days, they had mythical significance and it was rumored the right precious stone could cast out evil spirits. Other legends said they could produce supernatural magic and conjure up images or situations if worn by the right person. After the superstitions wore off, gemstones became a status symbol for the elite, much like pearls. At first, they were a sign of royal blood. Later, they came to denote wealth, power, and beauty. Today, people love gemstones for their rich heritage and what their history represents. Some are birthstones which stand for a certain month while others are more general symbols of ages past or new discoveries. The season for gifts and young love is here. Here are the gemstones you should be considering for that special someone this summer.

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Originally discovered in the mountains of Russia, this magical jewel is a beauty sure to dazzle your lady. Present it to her out in the daylight when it’s bluish green, then go inside for dinner and watch it transform into raspberry red by lamplight. Alexandrite is also the birthstone for all June babies and legend has it the jewel strengths imagination and creativity.

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Greeks and Romans believed this gemstone would guard against the drunken spell of Bacchus. It probably won’t keep you from getting drunk on a wild night, but it might be the key to someone’s heart. As the February birthstone, people say this purple beauty has the bewitching powers of Cupid’s bow in its grasp. If your aim is to dial up the romance, this is the stone you want.

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It’s the color of spring and the color of Venus. Emeralds are also the birthstone of May. These facts about this beautiful green jewel make it clear why it is the youthful queen of all gemstones. In fact, the ancients used to bury their dead with carved emeralds to provide them with eternal youth in the next life. Among the rarest of all gemstones, this one never goes out of style. When in doubt, go with green.

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Thanks to Roman mythology, moonstone is one of the most poetic gemstones in existence. According to these ancient Italian philosophers, this stone was formed of frozen moonlight trapped in the night air by fairies. Ranging in color from gray to pink, it’s a stone that can be either transparent or translucent. Native to India, this stone grows rarer every year. It’s perfect for brooches and rings.

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Persians called these orbs “the tears of the gods” and Chinese legend claims the moon crafts pearls and instills in them celestial glow and mystery. In 2017, we know these precious jewels are made by irritated oysters, but their ethereal quality remains. Pearls work on just about anyone with the right outfit and can range from creamy white to gray and even black. Back in 2015, the hottest variation of this jewel was the chocolate pearl. The birthstone for June and the ultimate classic gemstone, you should definitely ponder these jewels if you’re making an expensive, romantic gesture this summer.

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September’s birthstone and the blue jewel of all bluish gemstones, sapphire literally means “blue” in ancient Greek. It’s a symbol of trust and honesty known for having a sort of cloudy reflection and gentle glow. The most sought-after variety of this previous stone is the Padparadscha, a pink-orange corundum that looks like a lazy summer sunset. Unless you want to spend the rest of your life paying off one debt, leave the Padparadscha for nature. A calming blue jewel is quite enough.

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Famous the world over as a healing jewel, turquoise is one of the oldest known gemstones in the world. For perspective, the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt viewed this stone with reverence and respect due to its age. Just imagine how old an object is if the earliest Egyptians thought it was ancient! The December birthstone and a symbol of good luck, turquoise stones work as gifts for friends and lovers. If you’re not sure what kind of relationship you’re in but still want to buy them jewels, this is the solution.

This isn’t an age when many people are buying gemstones, but if you’re one of the few purchasing fancy bracelets in 2017, this guide will come in handy. For all the rest of you, here’s what to ogle at the jewelry store on rainy shopaholic weekends.



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