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Gal Gadot Is the New Ambassador for Revlon

Gal Gadot may be a real-life Wonder Woman, and now she is going to empower us all in a whole new way. The Israeli actress was just revealed the new celebrity face of Revlon cosmetics, fronting the perfectly-titled “Live Boldly” campaign.

“Revlon is an iconic and ground-breaking brand. I literally think it is the first cosmetics brand that I was exposed to. My mom and my grandmother used to have their products. So I was very, very excited,” the star shared about being named a new global ambassador.

“Revlon is… a champion of women, and I am so happy to be part of this family now,” she added in an official release. “There’s a cultural shift happening, which Revlon celebrates, where feminine power is recognized, and I’m so proud that I get to witness and live this amazing change.”

To Gal, this campaign is obviously about way more than lipstick. She firmly believes that there is a feminist power behind makeup, and it’s one she wants to explore.

“Anything that makes you feel more confident more beautiful and better about yourself has to do with [feminism],” she said. “There’s a big misinterpretation about the way that people view the term of feminism. I have friends — girlfriends — who have careers and they’re mothers and they do it all, and they are afraid to say that they’re a feminist.”

“Feminism is not about hating men or burning bras or fighting anyone,” she explained. “It’s about, first of all, equality, and it’s about freedom of choice and I think that in this world we should all be feminists and whoever is not is a sexist. And I am that [a feminist], and I love women, and I think especially now with everything that’s been going on in Hollywood, we’re in a beautiful momentum and in a very interesting era for women. It truly feels like there’s this cultural change — shift — and I think that it’s necessary.”

We can’t wait to see more from Gal Gadot’s inspiring Revlon campaign!

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