Instax SQ6

Fujifilm’s Instax SQ6 Is the Latest Camera You Need to Add to Your Collection

If you are anything like me, you love cameras and all things related to photography. So when Fujifilm announced their latest launch of the Instax SQ6, you could imagine how excited I was. I am by no means a professional photographer, but it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the trade. I don’t know if it’s the color, the size, or the fact that it’s new but I immediately convinced myself I need this camera. I love the idea of collecting it, and having it whenever I want it.

Nothing destroys you more than the thought of wanting to buy something, not getting it, and then realizing it’s gone forever. It literally haunts me. I’ve now come to the point in my life where if it makes me happy and it’s within my means (no one’s trying to go broke over here!) – just buy it. I can’t even tell you the number of times I told myself to hold off or wait until the holidays, only to be disappointed that the item was discontinued, sold out, or unavailable. So I convinced that this camera deserves a spot next to my Instax Mini 90.

Now I’ve had different versions of the instant photo camera. I first started out with the Instax Mini 8, which was cute and fun (and I loved all the colors), but I quickly outgrew it and felt like it was a little bulky and young for me. Then a “miracle” happened: I somehow I forgot the camera at my friend’s house and when I went back to get it, it was destroyed. It was a sign that it was time for a change, and this mishap led me to my favorite camera, the Instax Mini 90.

This camera is amazing! It has more digital features in comparison to the Mini 8 – like changing lighting, adding flash, different settings for landscape and close up photos. It even had a self timer for photos with my family and friends, and what I love most is the vintage/retro look it has to it. All very me.

I’ve tried looking into other branded cameras, but Fujifilm has always created the better look for me. Of course everything is preference, but I remember looking at others thinking they were too bulky, not sturdy enough, awkward, and just plain ugly. When I pull out my camera I almost want it to feel like a piece of art – and that’s what the latest launch reminds me of.

Being in the fashion industry forces you to pay attention to the quality of the things you carry. Fujifilm’s Instax SQ6 has a beautiful appearance, keeping the same retro yet modern spin to the cameras we once knew. It still has the features of Mini 90 but has the fun element of my Mini 8 (RIP).

This camera comes in three colors: pearl white for a clean look, blush gold for a luxurious feel, and graphite gray for a cool touch. Since my camera now is black and silver, I’ve managed to tell myself that the reason I need this camera is because it’s a blush gold color I don’t have. This limited edition product also prints out square films which are larger than what my older camera is printing out. It’s great right?

In all seriousness, what’s cool about this new camera is that aside from the larger films, and the special colors it comes in, are the three filtered flash caps, that help you create one-of-a-kind effects when taking your photos. I am definitely excited to have this chic new camera and to be traveling with it and capturing all those unique moments.

If you are considering investing on a new instant camera, definitely give Fujifilm a try – it’s worth the money.

The new Instax SQ6 is set to launch for purchase May 25th. To see more from the camera, check out the promo video below:

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