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Deliciously Fruity Nail Polish You Won’t Be Able To Resist

Instagram beauty gurus are having a nail art field day with fruit-filled manicures. Can you blame them? Fruit is the ultimate summertime fix whether you’re obsessed with nail polish or not. On its own, it’s a nutritious pick-me-up when the weather is hot and muggy. Work it into a nail look and suddenly you’ve got a scrumptious look that uses all this year’s bright trendy colors in a uniquely tasteful way. Whether you paint quarters of citrus fruit by the outer edges or cover every inch of those beautiful nails with vibrant produce, these designs are guaranteed to add a splash of life to any festive outfit. Here are some of Instagram’s finest examples to help you pretty up before your next beachside party.


This design looks as juicy as it sounds. Citrus fruits are usually vibrant and bright, so using them in your nail polish design is a great way to incorporate summer colors into your summery look. Explore actual paintings of fruit and other patterns based on key colors. For extra shine, cover everything with a nice coating of gloss.

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Obviously, we don’t mean taste, though you could go that route if you need an unconventional unifying theme. The more logical connection to make between your fruity choices is color. Foods like cherries, watermelons, and strawberries are a perfect example. They vary in shape and taste, but all three feature strong red and green features.


Sometimes, painting up each of your nails is too much. When you’re headed to a formal event, limit your fruit-covered nail art to one or two fingers and cover the rest in a solid color inspired by your detailed paint job. It’s a subtle way to keep produce in your look without it being overbearing.


Painting on your nail art is nice on most occasions, but some events call for a little more than 2D art. Why not tantalize your admirers with some small nail stickers? They may not be quite as ornate or artistic as painting your nails, but what they lack in style they make up for with flair.

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The edges of your nails shouldn’t be underestimated. When fully painted nails are too big a risk, grab your polish and apply a design right along the tip of your nail. This is also a great hack when you’re running short on time.

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There are ways to make your fruity nail polish pop with even more power. One way is to give it a background of white to stand up against. If your light-colored nails are speckled with vibrantly colored produce, the apples and oranges are sure to stand out.

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Remember a few Instagrams ago when we talked about varying your thematic choices based on taste? This is the how you do that. Really let each of your nails be a canvas to display on distinct fruit. It may not be very subtle, but it sure makes for a colorful hand.


Using fruit nail polish art doesn’t mean you should let traditional shapes and stripes fall to the way side. Just incorporate fruit into them. You can create a row of produce to form an outline or use individual items as polka dots. It’s up to you. Let that imagination run wild.

As summer heads to a close, the final gasps of warm weather beauty are making their last appearances. Fruit nail polish is one such makeup trend. Seize the opportunity to fashion scrumptious nail art fast before the leaves begin to turn.


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