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Reinvigorate Your Look With These Fresh Beauty Trends

The beauty world loves to surprise us with fresh beauty trends, and let’s face it, we have a weird fascination for the ridiculous and wonderful. They’re what keep us coming back to the MTV Music Awards and following thighbrow artists on Instagram. Fresh beauty trends also incite a little healthy rebellion into the mundane trudge of everyday life. Weird beauty says go big or go home and try the things that seem a little over the top. After a tedious day at the office, you need an unexpected Friday night look. So dare to apply the bolder shade of lip gloss and spend extra time on your decorative eyeliner. You deserve to the chance to go a little wild and let the world see what you’re really made of. 

feathered eyebrows
Image by Bravotv


You’ve spent years trying to keep your brows sharp, contoured, and razor thin. The process probably involved plenty of eyebrow pencils and maybe even a painful plucking or two. It’s time to stop torturing yourself about bushy brows and take advantage of the hair you’ve got. Feathering your eyebrows is a simple technique to maximize their breadth and give your face an airy lift. Give them a part right down the middle and use water or a light gel to spread the strands of hair. In combination with some distinct eyelashes and pastel shadow, it’s a gentle look you should be proud to wear at any spring soiree.

holographic hair
Image by Haircolorsideas


Trendy hair these days is super colorful. We’ve gone through pastel purple, brilliant neon pink, and even light blorange. As rewarding as each of these colors were this winter, this new hair color making the rounds blows them all out of the water. In 2017, the wildest dye you can try is holographic. This is the ideal fresh hairdo for the summer. Designed to exude sunlight, holographic hair will pop with all the colors of the rainbow as you go about your day. Whether you try this strange beauty trend out of love for the unicorn craze or simply to bring a little more color into the world, it’s worth the occasional stare.

creative eyeliner
Image by Pinimg


Eyeliner trends run the gamut between sickening and incredible. Last year, the beauty gurus of social media advocated everything from penis cat eye tips to entire eye makeup transformations inspired by painters like Van Gogh. Luckily, the wildest eye look this year errs more on the side of artistic than phallic. Embrace the May flowers poking their heads out after April showers by bordering your eyes with painterly florals. It’s one of those fresh beauty trends you can be as individualistic with as you like. Study up on your favorite blossoms to craft a custom design or scroll through Instagram to find the perfect pattern to copy.

unicorn fashion
Image by Thenailteam


Texture, shimmer, and glittery accessories all play a part in this latest manifestation of the unicorn craze. There’s a lot of possibilities to choose from if you pick this trend. If you’re a simple nail girl, go for an easy hologram-infused gloss or muted matte. To stretch the envelope a little further, have a look at some nail extension designs. Step out and embrace this nail trend in its entirety. Unlike the more elaborate get-ups on this list, unicorn nails can easily cross over between your professional and party life. Fresh beauty trends don’t come with this type of flexibility very often.

fresh beauty trends
Image by Popsugar


Unicorn rainbow fashion too girly for your taste? Then take your daring hair dye to the other extreme. A fresh take on the metallic trend sweeping fashion this year, geode hair allows you to embrace your love of the dark and mysterious without giving up on color. Fixed with a subtle sheen, this dye will flash a shimmer without throwing rainbows about as you walk down the street. If you’re into metallic nail polish and dark lip gloss, this is daring hair look will boost your intense beauty 100%.

Fresh beauty trends are a great comfort after a long week and great conversation starters if you’re the shy one in a club. Pick your poison and get to work. Spring is no time to miss out on some epic beauty!


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