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Men’s Footwear Trends Every Guy Needs To Know

Most men are bad with shoes. Though the rise of the metrosexual is making more guys think about their shoes, there are still far too many wearing ratty old sneakers. This is for all men, particularly those who are still recycling the shoes they wore freshman year. It’s time to step up your game. Tread a new path of footwear fashion that’s both tidy and trendy. While any new shoes will probably be an improvement, there are some specific styles to watch for when you’re out shopping this weekend. With the verdict in on men’s footwear trends for 2017, make your shoe selection count with these stylish designs.

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When it comes to footwear fashion, the late 2010s are littered with high-end sneakers. Thanks to athleisure, there are more and more situations where trainers are socially acceptable, even encouraged. However, while this trend means you can wear your sneakers more places, it also creates the expectation that your sneakers will be clean and well-cared for. The time has come to own two pairs of trainers, one you scrub after every outing and the other for more casual activities. When you go this route, prepare to spend the money for a nice pair that uses technical fabrics like mesh, neoprene, and nylon. When it comes to presentation value, go greyscale and minimal. For something really trendy, grab a platform sneaker.

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In recent years, men’s footwear trends have made the “mankle” something to be desired. If you plan on dressing up summer chic in a polo shirt and shorts, you’ll need loafers or leather boat shoes to keep your feet looking sharp. Since you’re buying your new summer shoes in 2017, opt for a sharp slipper-cut. This defined shape works for any casual or semi-formal summer occasion from patio cocktail parties to amusement park outings. Make sure you take the luxe part into consideration too. You might be surprised how far a small metal snaffle can go in upping your trendy look.

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There’s a tendency among guys to settle for plastic flip-flops. It’s time for you to stop that nonsense. Like loafers, a luxe leather sandal can contribute substantially to your summer style. Quite a few gents shy away from multi-strap sandals and luxury sliders arguing they’re too feminine or haute couture. Don’t let that myth fool you. Sensitive sandals look good on a man. Combined with the right summer clothes, they give your feet the class  cheap, athletic footwear never will. Stop blocking your fashion prowess with self-consciousness and go for a sexy mod 60s look. Before long, you’ll have your pick of the best boys and girls on the beach.

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If you never know if the weather is going to cooperate with your summer outfit, it can be hard to pick the right shoes. Lucky for you, the men’s footwear trends of 2017 include a style built just for these frustrating occasions. Chukkas, or warm weather boots, make the perfect transitional piece for rainy mornings that morph into sweltering afternoons. Based on the classic desert boot worn by British soldiers in WWII Africa, chukkas were made to work in warm climates. Always a versatile shoe, this boot works great with mankles or a regular sock.

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Fashion’s bent toward the casual has resulted in the downfall of a few classic shoes, but designers are finding new ways to breathe life into the old.  In 2017, you should be buying a tried-and-true pair of brogues or derbies in bright, bold colors. Find something with a traditional body and vivid orange or blue soles or settle for a two-toned design using both black and brown leather. Shoes like these are a great way to add some spunk to your formal office wear or spice up a traditional wedding outfit. You can wear them for semi-formal functions as well, but it’s never a bad idea to have tone pair in your closet that stays tucked away for the most special occasions in your year.

Shoes are an important part of your fashion outfit and men’s footwear trends in 2017 offer a vast array of shoes to try. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and break in some new styles. Be the shoe aficionado you know you can be.


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