8 Foods That Will Solve Your Acne Problems

Diets are powerful things. They can solve your weight gain problems, guard against terrible illnesses, and clear up your complexion in little more than a month. That’s right. It can be wise to use face wash and creams when you have a particularly bad case of acne, but stretching your budget to buy dozens of expensive skincare products for daily use is a little much. If you focus those earnings on some healthy food you can maintain your energy levels and keep that face clear for a less intimidating price. Yesterday, we guided you through an at-home menu guaranteed to cut down on those pockets of fat you’ve had since the big eating season last winter. Today, it’s time to add some skincare-savvy foods to that grocery list. Here are some tried-and-true ingredients that will help keep your face clean and clear like it should be.

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The classic breakfast food for farmers and city dwellers alike, eggs are more exceptional than you might think. They are one of the finest sources of lean protein and contain plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids, which help the body to chip away at unwanted fat. Rich in selenium, zinc, and other minerals, they are also extremely effective at strengthening the collagen cells supporting the structural integrity of your skin.

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There are more ways to benefit from this Mexican favorite than simply smearing guacamole across your face. Full of both omega fats and vitamin E, mixing a few slices of this vegetable into your salad will help boost skin vitality and luminosity. Vitamin E is also a potent sun-blocker, so stick this ingredient on your list quick before your next trip to the beach.

chia seeds
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Fatty acids are at it again in these minty seeds from Guatemala. Sprinkling this ingredient on salads or breaded dishes will help keep your skin healthy and moist this summer. If you’re been suffering from flaky cell membranes, you really need some chia seeds in your diet. Walnuts are also rich in these beneficial acids, so see if you can combine the two for a stronger punch.

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Your muscles probably won’t burst into life after you munch on this leafy vegetable, but Popeye’s favorite food is still worth exploring. Rich in antioxidants, it’s one of the most effective foods when it comes to naturally exfoliating your skin. A few salads a week will help you clear away dead membranes to make room for new cells. Spinach is also so rich in moisture your skin may never suffer from dryness again.

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It may leave a startlingly pungent smell on your breath, but garlic is instrumental in guarding against breakouts and fending off ticks. It contains the chemical allicin which acts against harmful bacteria that can cause acne and other blemishes on your face. Allicin also gives your skin an unappetizing taste so bugs won’t want to suck your blood. The pros outweigh the cons, don’t you think?

sweet potatoes
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Flooding your home menu with produce will increase your daily intake of water. It’s a healthy way to keep your cells properly hydrated. Sweet potatoes offer this benefit and more. Rich in vitamin A, these colorful spuds have been known to enhance skin color and eliminate dark circles. Seems sweet potato fries could be part of your skincare regimen.

orange juice
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Juice doesn’t have the best reputation in the beauty world, but OJ is an exception. Not only will this refreshing drink keep your skin moisturized, it will help protect your skin from free radicals with a healthy dose of Vitamin C. This ingredient is also instrumental in generating collagen to strengthen and tighten your skin.

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Oats are indisputably a super food and here’s why. They can help with practically anything. A bowl of oatmeal in the morning will reduce your cholesterol, stabilize your sugar levels, and keep you full and happy until lunch. Eating this grain will also help you avoid other acne-inducing cereals during your morning routine. Boost your health and protect your face with one simple serving. Now that’s a productive breakfast!

A few simple adjustments to your diet can do wonders for your complexion. Just remember you still need to rinse off your face every night. These foods should enhance your simple cleansing routine, not replace it.


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