Forecasting Food Trends for 2017

This past week, another study came about advocating the health benefits of dark chocolate. This has lead to an online explosion of morning eaters who are advocating chocolate cake for breakfast. Chocolate may be somewhat healthy, but cake? Then again, do you really need a scientific explanation to eat chocolate cake for breakfast? We didn’t think so. Every year we see food trends come and go. Everything from no carbs, to no coffee, to more coffee, to no sugar, to devouring cake for breakfast. It makes us ask: what are the food trends of 2017 going to be? Richard Magazine has assembled a list for you, because we’re such nice people. Whether terrible or scrumptious, here are the five food trends that experts are saying we’ll see next year.

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It’s been a London staple for years. It isn’t that we don’t have Indian food in the states, it just isn’t as prevalent. This is about to change according to some major food experts. The rise of turmeric as a homeopathic drug and seasoning bodes well for the future of Indian cuisine in America. Invest in the magic of turmeric and curry this fall. Get some dishes under your belt so you’ll be prepared to cook up a storm for your guests come 2017.

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It’s a fish everyone loves to hate. We’re used to the metal packaging. The salty pizza topping everyone knows and nobody wants. Experts are predicting the sardines we see in 2017 will be much better. The fish is actually quite healthy. Fresh sardines are rich in omega-3 and high in protein. There are also more interesting flavors now than there were in the 50s and 60s. Along with the classic tins, you can purchase smoked and fried varieties.

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Save the cows and spare the chickens. We are entering the age of the goat. Goat cheese and goat milk are already very popular in grocery stores and most restaurants. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that goat meat will soon be popular too. It’s high in protein, far leaner than most other meats and very easy to breed. The northwest is already embracing goat in dishes from empanadas to lasagna. They say it tastes like fresh lamb but with more texture. It doesn’t sound so baaaaaad.


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Mixologists are falling deeply in love with fresh-pressed juices, flavored teas, sipping vinegars, and muddled herbs. It’s not that we’ve fallen out of love with alcohol, but some health crazes have made dry drinks popular in the past years. It seems 2017 will be another year of unique drinks. Is this the new incarnation of soda? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Health trends haven’t just deprived us of alcohol, sugar, and caffeine. They’re trying to take away our meats too. “Plant butchery” is the act of swapping out meat with chickpeas, corn, legumes, fungi, and other such vegetables. In most situations, the result is a tufo-like wannabe substance we don’t know quite what to do with. I don’t know about you, but if I go to a burger joint, I expect beef. If your ethics gets between you and beef, than this is right up your alley, though.

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