Why You Need A Floral Hairband This Summer

Summer is normally filled with ponytails and princess braids, but there’s something new making the rounds in 2017. Thanks to dozens of nostalgic beauticians, we’ve been back in a world of hairbands and butterfly clips since the early spring. These have slowly developed away from their gaudy 90s designs into something that more classical than we ever imagined. Simple, bohemian, and dreamy, hairbands have become the Grecian-inspired accessory of choice for women everywhere who want to get their counterculture on without going full-out hipster. Nowhere was this sudden trend toward ancient style more blatant than at Chanel’s pre-spring/summer 2018 show. In May, the iconic brand’s runway was flooded with nymph-like models in lacy spring dresses and ornate headbands right out of Virgil’s Aeneid. If you feel you’re missing an alluring hairstyle this season, let these angelic women inspire you. Boho chic is back and it’s taking over garden parties everywhere.

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Nothing says classic summer quite like a hairband encrusted with hammered gold blossoms and other floral adornments. This ornate band is like a garden arch for your head. Decadent enough for semi-formal soirees yet understated so you can wear it on a more daily basis, the versatility makes it a tasteful asset to any drawer of accessories you’re trying to stock this summer.

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They may not be Grecian, but according to Chanel your classical hairband just won’t be complete without a long black ribbon in tow. These strips of fabric recall Gothic fashions from centuries past and fit within the contemporary scope of these new hairstyles. Leave your hair as it is or weave a simple braid to further the decorative princess look.

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While we’re discussing braids, let’s dive into the elven look championed by the Chanel team. Simple ponytails aren’t the way to go if you’re sporting a Grecian band this summer. Instead, go for a mid-way braid down the center of your head and let the rest of your hair hang loose. It’s that Lord of the Rings aesthetic finally coming into common practice. Just another example of 00s style slowly creeping into popular fashion.

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Along with ornate metal hairbands, 2017’s fascination with mythical style produced woven crowns that serve a more decorative purpose. While a band will actually keep your hair out of your eyes, these shiny pieces of fashion are merely for show. It’s still a trendy look to consider. With sharp, Cleopatra-like eyeliner and bold nude lips, you’ll make an unbeatable bohemian chick.

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That ebony strip of fabric dangling down the back of your neck can also be a glamorized hair-tie. In true ancient fashion, Chanel dictates that thick ribbons are no longer just for presents and the bouncy ends of pigtails. Use them like headbands for a hippie-inspired look that feels natural and chic at the same time. This is how hairstyles in 2017 pay homage to the chic 70s. Both simple and alluring, this is the perfect way to keep all that hair out of your eyes without resorting to conventional methods.

Chanel’s Grecian designs were a surprise success this season. They embody both the luxury we lust after and the simplistic lives we tend to aspire to. It’s a multi-layered statement about where we’re going, how we feel about ourselves, and how fashion can change over the years. Mix your hairstyling up a bit and go with one of these styles. You won’t regret it.


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