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Everyone Is Going Wild For Floral Fashion This Summer

It is not an over-exaggeration to say that everyone is wearing florals this summer. The spring/summer shows from last February were crowded with brash blossoms and vibrant prints in every color imaginable. That haute couture trend has continued into the streets with blossom patterns leaving a huge stamp on everything from baseball caps to brogues this June. It’s a nice change from the black-on-black streetwear that’s captivated Western fashionistas for the last few years. Like the rainbow glitter craze this spring, summer’s floral direction seems to indicate that people want to invite color back into their wardrobes with renewed gusto. Are you ready to hop aboard the bouquet bandwagon but unsure how to fit florals into your summer wardrobe? Have a look at all your spring and summer floral options for some inspiration and encouragement. When we said blossom prints worked on just about anything, we truly meant everything.

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A sun hat covered in faux blossoms is a little too classic for this summer. Only wear that traditional style if you’re headed to a beach wedding or seriously formal poolside gala. For all other wide-brimmed occasions, a floppy hat covered in floral prints will do the trick.

baseball caps
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If you prefer streetwear to high fashion, the floral hat of choice for you will be a vibrant baseball cap. With or without a rebellious slogan, this is the ultimate example of a couture print permeating casual style. With dozens of options to choose from, there’s really no excuse not to try this trendy look at least once before the summer’s over.

floral scarves
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There’s nothing new about wearing a silk scarf covered in blossoms. These floral pieces have been around for decades. What makes these 2017 creations stand out is their devotion to vibrant colors. Put away those lacy black scarves from last year’s somber collections. It’s time to fancy up your neck with some real garden variety.

menswear florals
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Floral blouses and button-downs have been an active player in womenswear for a while now. The latest development in floral tops is happening in the men’s department. Thanks to innovative designers and fashion’s new androgynous focus, colorful blossoms are becoming a staple look for both ladies and gentlemen.

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Fancy florals are metrosexual and cool in 2017, but casual fashion is in on the game too. This summer is the ideal season to buy that petal-covered t-shirt you’ve been craving and wear it with pride. When the fashion’s guiding principle is “the brighter, the better,” you can wear almost anything and still blend in with the crowd.

floral fashion trend
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Whether it’s a mini skirt, a full maxi, or a ballroom gown, incorporating flower blossoms into your summer dress look is essential this year. With the dozens of varieties available out there, it won’t be too difficult either. Choose naturalistic prints imitating the Great Classics or something more modern with thick, cartoonish outlines. It’s a floral free-for-all. Let yourself go wild.

floral trousers
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Pants with patterns used to be limited to plaid and the occasional conversational print. Not so anymore! After some disastrous examples of geometric patterns on trousers in the 80s and 90s, floral fashion is finally making pants covered in prints cool. If bold and unashamed style is your thing, you need floral trousers in your wardrobe.

floral tuxedos
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Pink tuxedos used to mark the extent of edgy formalwear, but the tables have turned. Florals suits have replaced pink as the extravagant design of choice for dapper fashionistos who want to add a little punch to their formal wardrobe. When a trend makes it all the way to the red carpet, it’s probably destined to stay awhile.

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Whether it’s sneakers, dress shoes, or heels, floral shoes are in. Its footwear prowess makes 2017’s blossom craze one of the few fashion fads to fully conquer style head to toe in just a matter of weeks. That’s pretty impressive in an age where trends seem to come and go every week.

Floral fashion is having a heyday in 2017 and you should be a part of the party, but don’t try everything all at once. Match your styles sparingly with other colorful summer attire. After all, even if the trend is a swashbuckling success, subtle almost always wins out in the end.


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