Flesh Flipbook

Flesh Beauty Launches a Game-Changing Makeup Flipbook

It’s no secret that we are all about the launch of the new prestige makeup label, Flesh Beauty. The brand, created by the makers of Revlon along with industry expert Linda Wells, first debuted earlier this summer, with lip colors, highlighters, and more. Now, in addition to its signature complexion product range – which comes complete with an impressive 40 foundation shades – the line has unveiled a new blush, bronzer, and highlighter product that easily caught our eye. It’s called the Flesh Flipbook.

This portable product looks like a mini notebook, but its pages are saturated with all the paraben- and fragrance-free products you need for on-the-go makeup application.

“The sheets in Flesh Flipbook are permeated with bronzer, blush or highlighter,” the brand shared about how it all works. “Tear one off and rub it on your face, cheeks, collarbone, legs – there’s no point in stopping. The pigment clings easily and brilliantly to skin without any mess.”

Flesh Flipbook

That’s right: the book has 100 individual sheets of pigmented product papers for you to press, swipe, or dab on when you need a little color or sheen. There are three different colors in ever pack: Matte Pale Pink, Bright Glimmery Rose, and Golden Bronze.

You can apply them directly to bare skin, or touch up your pre-existing makeup with a light application. We love an innovative game-changer!

You can shop the Flesh Flipbook for $22 a book at Ulta.com now, and in stores starting on August 27.

In addition to the Flipbook launch, Flesh is introducing even more must-have products into the “family.” Make sure to keep an eye out for 11 shades of the Hide The Evidence Double Concealer wands, Shimmer Dimmer Mattifying StickStarshine Eye Shadow Palette, and new Fleshy Lips shades.

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