Fenty Beauty Anniversary Collection

Fenty Beauty Is Celebrating Its First Anniversary with a Diamond-Themed Makeup Line

Can you believe that it’s almost the one-year anniversary of Fenty Beauty‘s global debut on September 8, 2017? In one regard, our memory of a time BFB (Before Fenty Beauty) is a bit fuzzy – what did we even do before Pro Filt’r Foundation? But in another way, it’s almost unfathomable how much influence Rihanna‘s makeup brand has had in only one year’s time. Of course, the future of the star’s makeup empire is looking dazzlingly bright – which is why the label is commemorating its first birthday with the mini Fenty Beauty Anniversary Collection.

For the special Fenty Beauty Anniversary Collection, Rihanna is dropping two dazzling new diamond-themed products. One is a new Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer shade ($18) called Diamond Milk, a pearly silver color that adds dimension to bare lips or kicks up your favorite lipstick formula.

“I am obsessed with Gloss Bomb,” Rihanna said in a brand press release. “I created Diamond Milk because I wanted a color that was like a dewy highlight for your lips. It gives you that juicy luscious effect and looks good on everyone.”

Fenty Beauty Anniversary Collection
The other product is the Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil ($38), fabulously called How Many Carats?! The brand describes this platinum-hued highlighter as a “superfine 3D sparkle for face and body” – and you know that Rihanna went all out with the diamond inspiration.

“You can never have enough diamonds! This is the closest thing to bathing in it,” the singer shared in a statement from her brand. “The sparkle in this is just insane!”

Fenty Beauty Anniversary Collection

The Fenty Beauty Anniversary Collection is expected to drop on the label’s own website, in Sephora stores, and online through Sephora this Friday, September 7. That’s just a day ahead of the official 1-year launch date, so you can celebrate in style!

Want to catch up with even more of Fenty Beauty’s latest product launches? Make sure to view Richard Magazine’s exclusive product profile video in the player below.

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