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Can You Outdress These Celebrity Children?

When your parents are style icons, you have big shoes to fill. First, there’s the usual duty of looking cute and adorable for the paparazzi when you’re out and about. When you live a life of luxury you’re expected to skip the untidy aspects of childhood like ice-cream spills and dirty jeans. Then, there’s the fashionable side to it all. More than ever before, kids are tapping into the fashion zeitgeist. They aren’t just sitting at the fringe and shopping at The Children’s Place either. In 2017, these adorable tots and 10-year-old models are making a name for themselves and forging industry careers before finishing elementary school. Take Hudson Kroenig, for example. At ten, he has already starred in multiple Chanel runway shows and is one of Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite up-and-comers. The kids are taking on fashion, folks, and it’s these microfashion stars who are heading the charge.

Gwen Stefani
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When your mom is Gwen Stefani, you learn to take extra care with your appearance. Eleven-year-old Kingston and eight-year-old Zuma do just that in UGG boots, vintage 90s tops, and rock hair á la iconic Kurt Cobain.

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Being raised in a celebrity family isn’t an automatic ticket to star prowess. That’s what makes Zahara Jolie-Pitt stand out among her brothers and sisters. At eleven, she already had her signature item picked out – a pair of chic, dark sunglasses.

Jessica Alba
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Jessica Alba’s eight-year-old mini-me Honor Warren is already imitating her mother’s vibrant, girly style. Look at those petite Western chic boots and her tasteful use of one of 2017’s favorite colors – pink. She has so much skill at this tender age. Imagine who she’ll be in ten years.

Flynn Bloom
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When it comes to babes in athleisure, there’s not a child close to beating Flynn, the adorable son of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom. At only six-years-old, he’s already crafting his own blend of 80s vintage and sportswear style. Well, his parents are.

Sarah Jessica Parker
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The two Broderick sisters have one of television’s most acclaimed fashionistas to help them pick out their wardrobes. That’s right. They belong to Carrie Bradshaw, otherwise known as Sarah Jessica Parker. It’s no wonder every pair of outfits they try is spot-on and adorable.

prince george
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There has not been a more beloved member of the royal family since Princess Diana. George epitomizes microfashion in the UK, sporting small trousers and waistcoats that are impossible to resist. Well done, Kate Middleton. His wardrobe his superb.

north west fashion
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When you’re the child of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, fashion is an inevitability. The power couple was dressing up this precious baby girl from the moment she was old enough to grin. It’s probably just about time for her to show off a few style ideas of her own.

Kourtney Kardashian
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Mason Disick, son of Scott Disick and his longtime partner Kourtney Kardashian, is the flirt of the bunch. In suave vintage wear like cardigans and designer jeans, he already knows how to dress like a retro man of style. He’ll charm even the hardest heart, guaranteed.

blue ivy
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When your name is Blue Ivy, you have no choice but to be innovative and stylish. Good think Queen Bey’s firstborn has her mother’s good fashion sense to follow. So far, her wardrobe includes an eclectic mix ranging from bedazzled sneakers to Tom Ford lace-up heels.

Victoria Beckham
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All the Beckham children have been children of fashion, but none did it quite as well as five-year-old Harper. You can tell this family is experienced. After raising four other fashion-savvy kids, the Beckham’s have a leg-up on the competition when it comes to kid’s couture.

Microfashion is as adorable as it sounds. These kids may be taking on a lot early on by succumbing to the complicated world of fashion, but they sure pave the way for other youngsters to embrace stylish trends. Take your kid out shopping. The age of adult-only fashion design is over.


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