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Let’s Look Back at the Top Fashion Technology Innovations of 2017

We know it’s 2018 and we’ve promised to keep the past behind us. But maybe we can make an exception just this once! Fashion and technology are always evolving and improving, and sometimes we need to step back and look at what’s been going on around us to tell us where wearable technology is taking us next. Science and fashion have fused together to create innovative brands that are changing the way we communicate with each other and the environment.

Fashion has become a universal language and a source of information for the wearer and those around them. Here are the top fashion technology innovations that you may or may not have heard about in 2017!

Vollebak’s 100 Year Hoodie

vollebakImage Source: Vollebak

Made to tell a story of its journey, this hoodie is about to be your new BF. Literally. This hoodie from Vollebak was designed to outlive you! Made from 100% DuPont Kevlar Fibre, the 100 Year Hoodie is designed to look and feel exactly like any other outerwear in your wardrobe, but last your entire lifetime.

It features a soft and breathable fabric that is highly resistant to rips and abrasion. You can literally hold a torch to it and it won’t budge – talk about extreme! Due to its highly technical industrial fabric, the color of each hoodie is unique and unrepeatable. Founders, Nick and Steve Tidball have created the future of sportswear, including a line of indestructible t-shirts, solar charged jackets, motion capture layers, and a relaxation hoodie.

The Unseen: Air

The UnseenImage Source: Unseen

We all remember those mood color-changing jewelry pieces we use to beg our parents for at the store. But if someone told us that our clothing would change colors based on the environment around us, we’d still have a hard time believing it! Until Unseen comes in.

Founded by Lauren Bowker, the brand’s name stems from the fact that the products enable the wearer to see what is unseen around them. Although this shawl may not be a mood-changer for us, it is affected by the mood in the air, in a way. The idea began that colors could be altered based on user interaction or the environment they are in.

The piece pictured above is referred to as Air it uses a form of wind reactive ink that changes color upon contact with the air around us. It’s intended to reveal the unseen turbulence surrounding the wearer as it goes about its environment and could eventually be used to give us information on things like air quality and pollution. The colors and tactile surfaces are used as a universal language to interpret data. Along with this piece are luxury handbags, accessories, home decor, and hair dye that change colors based on interaction with the wearer and environment.

Cute Circuit: Graphene Dress

Graphene DressImage Source: Cute Circuit

This Haute Couture piece is the world’s first little black dress to incorporate Graphene. The Nobel Prize-winning material is lightweight, conductive, transparent, and super strong. Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel and conducts electricity to power the led lights in the dress. It also has an enhanced stretch sensor that captures the breathing pattern of the person wearing the dress and stores it into a database. Based on the depth of the breathing the LED lights on the dress will change color from orange to green, and, purple to turquoise.

It’s no wonder that this dress would be on display in museums around the world. In the future, this fashion technology innovations system will be used for sportswear and ready to wear garments in the CuteCircuit collection.

Vixole: Smart Sneaker

Vixole Image Source: Vixole

You’ll be the coolest person on the block with these high tech sneakers by Vixole. Wearers are able to customize their sneaker in ways never before possible. The sneaker comes with an LED screen around the back of the heel where the wearer can customize with drawings, photos, or a preloaded design in conjunction with an app. To add some ease into your life, these shoes can be wirelessly charged on a charging board after your day to day activities. Within 2 hours, your Vixole will be charged for up to 8  hours. In addition, there are built in sensors that track your steps more accurately, so you can now kiss your fitness bracelet goodbye.

This sneaker could also be a life saver when synced to your phone during navigation. You no longer need to keep looking down at your phone screen. Instead, Vixole will guide your direction through vibration on your left or right sneaker. We can’t wait for new designs to hit the market so we can rock these for any occasion!

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