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How’s Your Fashion Tech Knowledge?

Let’s stop for a moment and consider some fashion tech knowledge. Today’s crazy technology trends are moving fast and it’s hard to keep up with them all. Wrap your mind around virtual reality dressing rooms in 3D and 360˚ and AI technology starts to take off. Turn your attention to AI tools and VR tech starts making life-changing impact on the healthcare industry. It’s a cool and exciting evolution to witness, but sometimes you need to step back for a minute or two and think about the implications. In a tech-focused world, fashion tech knowledge is just as important as tech-savvy competence and downloading all the latest apps. What are the simple implications of technology-driven consumer-centric fashion and beauty? Complex as VR tech and AI tools seem to be, there are some nice straightforward answers to this important 21st-century question.

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In current consumer culture, everyone is encouraged to purchase what they want when they want it. Personalization has practically forced brands to adopt extreme measures to keep their customers happy. We have spectacular runways, pop-up retail stores at ready-to-wear fashion shows, and artificial intelligence software that does everything from analyzing skin tone to suggesting trendy new outfits. These new developments put intense strain on designers and companies to develop new technologies that cater to popular demand. These mounting pressures make it seem like fashion tech is a frustrating industry pressure, but the right fashion tech knowledge will show personalization is also a gift.  All these new developments are generating more customer data than ever before, automatically correcting some of big data’s most crippling flaws. In simple terms, companies can market more effectively than ever before because they’re finally investing in more detailed data collection. 

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The 1-800 number has been a staple instrument in customer relations and direct marketing for decades. It’s a system based on the assumption that people respond best to a phone call. In today’s social media-saturated world, that is no longer the case. You’re probably going to be more successful texting or Tweeting someone in the 21st-century than you will be calling them. Smart developers who realized this early are the ones releasing AI tools like L’Óreal’s latest beauty assistant app and the Amazon’s digital stylist Echo Look. Count on the success of these two systems to inspire a whole slew of AI assistants in the coming months. Perhaps more interesting, a few companies are working to do away with the 1-800 helpline in favor of a text-based mode of communication. Want help with a specific product? Just shoot the company a text message. 

fashion tech knowledge
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You can’t compete in the fashion or beauty industry without a growing technological footprint. In 2017, every element of the business is changing according to developing trends in fashion tech knowledge. Clothing designs are fashioned after customer surveys, online product reviews, and the latest scientific discoveries. Fashion retailers are scrambling to integrate enough virtual design tools in their stores they can compete with the increasingly practical realm of VR-powered e-commerce. Even basic communications are being by automatic text alerts and AI assistants that advise consumers about fashion, style, beauty, and more.  To ignore the reach of technology would be an indisputable death wish. Keep up or you’re going to be left behind. As a consumer, this applies to you too. Learn the best websites to buy clothes and look up discount pricing. Learn how to relate to companies the way they expect you to.

To lead an effective fashion beauty life, you need the fashion tech knowledge to track down good deals and seek out smart style advice. The industry is going crazy for new technology and you should too. There’s nothing worse than feeling left behind. 


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