Farrah Fawcett Lipstick

Farrah Fawcett’s Memory Is Honored with a New Limited Edition Lipstick

Today, June 25, 2018, marks the nine-year anniversary of the death of actress Farrah Fawcett in 2009. The beloved Hollywood actress was diagnosed with anal cancer a few years before her passing, and she then started her own foundation with her close friend and fellow actress Alana Stewart to promote cancer awareness, research for under-represented cancers, and prevention efforts. Now, the organization has teamed up with makeup artist Patrick Foley at Barneys New York – another close friend of Farrah’s – and beauty brand Nude Envie to release a special pink Farrah Fawcett lipstick that pays tribute to the star’s legacy.

“Farrah is a sheer silky and glossy formula that has a youthful beauty,” Nude Envie shared on its website. “This pink shade is one that Farrah Fawcett loved to wear.” Proceeds from the sale of the pretty nude-pink lip color will benefit the Farrah Fawcett Foundation’s cancer-fighting missions.

Farrah Fawcett Lipstick

Since this makeup product was created by friends in Farrah’s close circle, you can expect it to do right by her memory.

“Farrah was definitely a natural beauty,” Stewart shared with Hollywood Reporter. “She loved her lipstick and I never really saw her with any other color than this particular shade of beautiful baby pink that she loved. It was her signature color. We were both always searching for that perfect color of pink lipstick and if one of us found something, we’d share it with the other. Sometimes she’d mix couple of colors to get the right shade. She was really into her lipsticks. She had hundreds of them!”

“Patrick’s always wanted to do a Farrah pink lipstick,” Stewart added. “It’s a great pink that looks good on everyone. You can mix it with a lip pencil or another color if you want to make it softer or brighter. But it’s kind of the perfect all-around pink, a great summer shade, and I think Farrah would have just loved it.”


Farrah Fawcett Lipstick

You can shop the limited edition Farrah Fawcett lipstick shade for $38 at Barneys or on Nude Envie’s website.

P.S.: if you’re thinking that Farrah’s iconic wispy feathered hair needs to have a tribute of its own, know that hair styling products are also on the horizon.

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