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9 Fall Shoes Trends To Revamp Your Footwear Collection

It’s that time of year, folks. Time to set aside your summer shoes and dig into some sharp-looking fall footwear. This year’s selection is pretty exciting, so don’t think you’re headed to the store for a perennial helping of new flats and dark booties. 2017 has much more up its sleeve. We’re talking about glamor and innovative, statement heels and bottle cap-adorned Mary Janes. There’s going to be glitter and floral prints and a lot of gaudy colors you probably thought only belonged on summer attire, much less fall footwear. In all, shoe shopping for next season is shaping up to be an adventure fit for the fashionista you always wanted to be. People always say fashionistas love stocking up on trendy shoes. This year, go gaga for your favorite pair and a whole slew of others to keep those feet warm and sexy as the leaves fall.

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Gaudy is the new buzzword in footwear, perhaps specifically to counter fashion’s general turn from decadent luxury toward more casual attire. If athleisure and a pared down office dress code have you depressed, cheer up with a new pair of kickass fancy heels.

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We’ve finished with those towering knee-high boots the celebrities loved so much. This fall, you need a pair of tall boots that crease and fold as you walk. If you ever wanted to go rogue and speak out passionately on behalf of wrinkles, now is your chance.

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Your simple flat is getting a little boost this season thanks to the sudden popularity of heeled loafers. Whether you go for trim, tassels, and the like or stick to classic black and brown, semi-formal officewear is about to get a welcome footwear makeover.

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The powers that be decided revamped corsets weren’t really the best use of lace-up fashion. Laces have been relegated to footwear, inciting an 80s-inspired mesh fabric and platform soles trend your inner party girl will love.

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Shoe bling is a thing now, just in case you were wondering. It’s especially prevalent on the traditionally bland Mary Jane. Shop for a three-strap beauty with some beads and glitter tacked on if you want to look vogue at fall parties.

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In retrospect, the critics will probably look back at 2017 as the year fashion trends took hold of the footwear industry. Remember that all-encompassing craze for florals brought on by the summer season? It applies to your fall booties too.

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It didn’t seem like a genuine threat on last year’s runway, but after a few rounds at luxurious shows in February, plastic took on new significance. Time to schedule that pedi you’ve been putting off. Your toes are set to be on full display.

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Dominatrix lovers aside, black boots with pointy toes have bridged the gap between kink and fashion with boldness this year. Put a little power in our step with a pair of these sleek designs.

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Fashion designers weren’t kidding when they introduced furry flip flops on the runway in London. Now, this comfy if out-of-place trend has permeated into fall fashion on simple ballerina flats. Try it if you dare.

Your footwear options for this fall are numerous and diverse. Who thought we’d see furry flip flops and glittery Mary Janes in a single year. There’s no turning back now. Will you make eccentricity your shoe style of choice or go for a tamer aesthetic?


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